Thursday, December 22, 2011

Steven (again)

Dear steven,

Umm I don't know what to say. HEHE
It's raining here in Jakarta, right now.
If you were here... Would you pass me a blanket? a sweater? how about a jacket? blanket, jacket, rhymed ;)
"Here fidy, take my jacket. it'll keep you warm" would you say that? hmm wouldnt that be nice? I am very upset cause of this never-ending yearning. Why did we have to meet when we can't even reach each other? hm? I get frustrated sometimes. I wish you were here, or I was there. I wish I could talk to you, look into your eyes, share stuff. I wish I could give you a christmas present, and give you a birthday present, and hang out in cool places.

2012 is coming... so it'll be four years since 2008. do you remember when we first met? Remember that one girl asked you what guapo meant, and I answered her question oh so proudly like a boss? and then you said thanks. and we talked, and you asked for my e-mail, and we talked through messenger? Do you remember?
Time goes by quickly. I don't know if i could ever meet you steven. I can't even guarantee when I am going to meet you. what I can only say is "Someday", someday I will grab your hand, and take you to mcdonalds with mexican employees hahaha and we'll make fun of them with your coke joke.

I miss you.
Everytime I hear or see or do something, I wish you could hear or see or do something together with me. we'll be badass best friends. we'll break rules, skip school, drive crazily. Steven, you make me believe that something would last forever... maybe we would last forever. separated, but united. far, but close.

Steven, I don't think you'd want to read this. maybe the text is too long for you, maybe you'd just read it fast, maybe you wouldn't comprehend these words, maybe you'd only read the beginning and the ending... But I just want you to know that I love you, I would love to be your best friend, and your... hehehe. I would love to be yours. And I promise, whenever you need a friend... I'll be just here, sitting in front of my computer, typing with you, and somehow try to comfort you...I love you. I love you a lot... I hope you'd feel the same way too :) Thanks for being here all the time... even though you're not here tonight >.< I want you to always take care of yourself, be good, stay safe and sound wherever you are.

Oh, Better stay await... I'll be coming. :)


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