Monday, June 18, 2012


This sunday, my aunt made a mini family trip to Ciater, West java. We spent our night in this hot spring resort, called "Sari Ater". I was pretty excited when she told me about the trip. I honestly would rather to relax myself in hot spring, than swimming in a regular pool. So yeah I as pretty excited to be there. The trip, wasn't too good. They had to put me in my uncle's car because my parents left eralier. My uncle isn't very nice. he's a religion-freak and also is a poser. I had to listen his "talks" on my way to Ciater which was very frustrating.
In the evening, we celebrated my aunt's birthday by singing to her and cheering for her. I didn't do many stuf there, just relaxing in the hot springs and talking to my dearest steven vince hehe. my other aunt brought that rainbow cake to this birtday aunt. and the cake tasted so heavenly good. 
At night, the kids slept in the tents we rent. I didn't sleep in any of those tents though. I don't do camping. I can't stand frogs and lizards. and yeah. in the morning I walked around the resort and took several pictures of the environment, but my camera lens suddenly broke, so I honestly, didn'y take any pic of me. what a pity, right? 
I hope I get the chance to go there again, with my friends. that'd be super fun. I'm gonna get some sleep right now cause I still have school tomorrow. Goede nacht people.

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