Thursday, April 11, 2013


That one time, I asked what color his shit was. He told me, "I shit fucking gold." another friend asked me if I had visited San Diego. I said, "How would I afford myself to visit California when I couldn't even afford to go to an international school?" Paused, and we laughed. Funny thing happened again last night, when I thought she was about to say "Bon soir" and I told her "Bon xoir" fast, and turned out she was saying "Bon courage.". Funny thing happened again, when I spilled my soy milk on a girl's feet. And she turned out to be my friend from middle school. Funny thing also happened last night, when he held his steps and looked at me, and I smiled so ridiculously. And I told Steven that, that guy checked me out. And Steven got pissed and logged out. Memories of fun time. 

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