Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Last Sunday
Seems like it's been years I haven't visited the Jakarta beach. That weekend, my 3 years old cousin, "Malka" was staying the night at our home. Mum decided to take her to the beach.

I didn't remember the first time I visited that beach. Everything in my childhood seems so fast and meaningless. I looked at the sand that morning. The ugly sand suddenly reminded me of something; Oceanside beach. One beach that Steven had told me about. He would go there, with Emily, smoking. He would kiss her, yet he'd still wonder, what I'd be doing in Indonesia.

"Oceanside beach can be so dirty the sand looks brown." he told something like that.

I didn't want to think of him that much, so I began to help Malka with her sand castle. I found many trash as I digged the sand. 

My grandma was there too. She was complaining about how old she is, and the absence of her children. She told us, "I should've been visiting beaches and been relaxing if only my children would keep me accompanied, if only my children would spare some times for me and drive me to beaches like this."

Ah, no wonder why the children wouldn't drive you anywhere, as you'll just be a fuss. No offense.

I continued building the sand castle. It went pretty well. We drank green tea latte there. I added a little bit of vanilla syrup. My sister added a little bit tiramisu syrup.. and Nobody wanted to taste hers.

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