Sunday, April 21, 2013

The TeenVogue Handbook

Finally! After all this time craving, I got my teenvogue handbook yesterday. I've already asked Steven to buy me one and send it to Jakarta, but he didn't even want to. So after all this time, I bought it from Periplus
yesterday. Like I said about journalism, this book might be useful for me to get a job in fashion industry. 

The book is made to show people the ways to break through the fashion industry. It explains the ways by showing the stories of top fashion people, starts from designers, editors, models, and even make up artists. The book isn't imaginative or making you feel like the hills. It gives you tips, tips, tips, and it makes you aware of what you need to be in fashion industry. I'm currently reading the "editor" chapter. I actually skipped the designer chapter cause like, i have no chance to be a designer since I can't draw. Anyways. time to go. My bro's going to be angry in a moment. Have a great sunday everyone!

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