Saturday, June 29, 2013

3rd Day of UIFW, section 1. "Women to Wear"

 Saturday, 29th of June 2013, I visited UIFW with my daily pass tickets. I went there with Qya, right after seeing our final scores at school. The first show is called "Women to Wear". It was opened by Abang None from North Jakarta, and 1000 Islands. It was my frist time, seeing Abang and None directly. The guys kind of shocked me when they said, "Assalamualaikum!" with such loud voices.

In this show, I thankfully got a right seat. So the pictures I take can be focused. The pictures I took aren't so bad, I guess. "Women to Wear: showed four different collections from four different deisgners... the collections were River Doe, Legal&Crime, Unos, and Nissa. 

The hosts indirectly told us that "Women to Wear" is a fashion to show what women could wear, or should wear in this 21st century. The designs were wearable, it kind of showed emancipation. Like, Women could wear such a fashion collaboration, from ancient style, into a futuristic style, they could work them our together, in such a balance, that people would actually find it hard to connect equally.
Not bad right. My camera did work with me this time, and I really appreciated it, camera. I love you. Man right now, I'm like, so tired of writing. my back hurts, my head hurts, steven's being quiet angry to me for no reason. and I am not sure still, if I will go to Fashion's night out tonight. Lame. 

 So my favorite collection is Nissa P, it looks so sweet and magical, these 2 last pictures above are from Nissa P. So kudos for her, they were alll great, they kind of reminded me of candies, and cotton candies, yet flowers, and barbie-ish world.  

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