Thursday, June 25, 2015


You know, I have to apologize to her, that lady. I thought life would grow just like those trees in the woods, reaching out the sky. Life would stop and life would start. And the ground stays there, doing nothing, just like what you did. Just like what he did. Just like what they did. Now that I finally learn what it's like, not growing like those trees in the woods, I have to apologize to her, for not actually giving her the time, the time that she might use to think about me, and the seeds, and the fruits. She likes my leaves, but she doesn't feed my roots.

Into The Woods

It's kind of funny because we held a picnic during Ramadan. 

It's running out of myself.

Time is, hurrying me. It gives me anxiety, fear, of mortality. As I age, I start to be afraid of being forgotten. I start to fear that my friends, well they will cry in my funeral but they will laugh and hang out without me the next day. And my lover, he will mourn the first 3 days, and he'll be married with another lady next week. And my children, they will miss me but they will sell my old clothes or give them away to the orphans. Time is ticking and I still lay in my bed, watching movies, finding things that might move me, but I haven't. And I'm scared today for tomorrow.