Friday, November 6, 2015

It's actually 1:23 am here, and I was unbelievably sad earlier, and I had to entertain myself so I won't be sad anymore, so I decided to edit a photo of me and my friend, Seruni. May happiness always be with us, ya Run. Sometimes guys can be a total jerk, but we have to just, not be bitches. So, yeah. Cukup curhatnya.


Happy Halloween everybody! I might have said this before, but Halloween and April Fools are the most important events of the year. I mean yes, I still attend Fashion Week, Movie Screenings, and other things, but these two events should be celebrated with ecstatic joy. I've always loved Halloween because of the costumes that people wear. I love to dress up as specified character and just fool around. This year, I dressed up as a dog. Yup. An angry dog, and this girl next to me is my friend, Zulfa, she showed up as a deer. I attended this Halloween party in Jakarta, and it was hella crowded, probably my last time clubbing. Next year I'm looking for more Halloween Festival than a Halloween party so I could be more "chill". Anyways, great night, great people, great event, happy Halloween!

This is she,
with her heart as hard as steel,
her soul breaks,
into pieces,
until she again wakes up,
with a whole new piece
and feel content again

She has to.