Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dolan's CInematography

Meet Xavier, Xavier Dolan. He's not just an actor, he's a movie director and also a movie editor. I knew him from this movie, "J'ai tue ma mere" which means " I killed my mother". It's a movie spoken in french. Xavier himself is french-canadian. And I fell in love with how he made his films beautiful. The mise en scene, he seems to take this really seriously. From the colors, the expression, lighting, the background, foreground, with the music, they're all perfectly relevant, and creative, yet still new. His ideas seem new to me. That's why I am so astounded with his cinematography creations. Here are shots from his movies that I found really really amazing.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Credit to Aziz Adhimirza
I miss you like soldiers miss the war,
I miss you like runners miss the distance,
I miss you like prophets miss the sin,
I know it's aching,
But somehow I find it beautiful.


Credit to Aziz Adhimirza
I'm breaking like the ice of the north,
What underneath me never spoke,
What it concealed, what it hid,
But the silence is breaking what's above,
Truth comes, creating a mountain,
There lies green grass and rainbow,
And the ice melts and evaporates,
Into the air,
Invisible once again,

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Skins Forever

I am not the kind of person who likes to read or watch something all over again, until I found Skins. I've watched it all over again since the first generation.. Tony's generation until Franky's. My favorite generation will always be James Cook's generation. They've got the best story ever. I found it really really interesting how people were given different problems in the same time, talking about life isn't fair for everybody. There's no main character in here, everybody plays important role to one another. My favorite character here is Effy Stonem, she's this cool goddess, who's secretly depressed. And I love JJ for the guy character because he's autistic and he's so funny. And I love Pandora, also. 

I'm looking forward to TV Series like this... I tried to watch Misfits for one or two seasons, until they kicked Nathan out. And that show turned to shit. This is like, this is one tv program I will always cherish and I will always be excited to watch. Great job channel 4!


To write in the name of love,
To work in the name of hope,
To live in the name of God,
I give up everything I once took,
I forgive everything I once did,
And I pass the time,
being better.


Manusia Gunung

Layaknya sebuah halaman kosong, diriku adalah tinta. Saya lukiskan, saya tulis, saya hiasi segala hal yang terpikir dan yang terbenak, yang terasa, yang dirasa, pada diri sebagai kertas putih yang luas. Kertas putih yang terus menemani, bahkan kala terdiam, tertidur, kertas putih selalu ada. Kertas putih layaknya sebuah halaman kosong, akan lebih baik jika terisi. Maka saya isi semua, mereka bilang saya mencorat-coret. Namun kami sedang hidup bersama, saya tinta, dia kertas. Dia gunung, saya angin. Namun, kertas putih saya tidak sekedar kertas putih. Dia dapat berbicara seraya saya menulis di atasnya, dia tahu mana prosa yang tepat untuk dituliskan, dia tahu kapan saya berubah menjadi angin, dan dia dapat membuat saya bergerak cepat atau sepoi, atau terdiam, menggenang di udara.

Dan ketika dia jauh, dalam bentuk angin, saya menyapa dan menyelimuti, tubuh yang dingin yang lesu. Agar tidurnya lelap. Agar besok dia kembali. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015


"If Camus were still alive, he would come to me and ask whether normality existed. I would tell him that he was already dead, death is no longer waiting on his doorstep, death had visited his house and taken his soul away. And I would sing the Firelight song with him, and we both would say that we'd rather die in a parachute, falling in deep sleep, yet out of control. And we'd breathe, yet so lost in a dream. And I would tell my lover I was gone, and he would do the same, and we'd keep singing."



I love when we interact, when we exchange words, thoughts, or even glances. And I love how your eyes start to narrow and you soften your lips as you tell me the L word,  and I love how we argue about little things and I love when you tell me to shut up when I've been doing my non-stop talking mode, and I love when we forget about our special dates, and I love when you suddenly appear in front of my door, knocking on it, without saying a word, and when I let you in, you walk towards my bed and make a statement that it is your bed and you won't allow me to shoo you away. And I love how you get angry about silly things, about my hair, about me going home alone, about me staying up late, about me being busy, and I love how you tease about me longing for you, about me making some stupid arguments about your behavior, about me apologizing, and some other stuff. With you, I don't have to be anyone else. I always try hard to write as a gentleman, cause I have some image issues that I don't want to sound as weak as women. But here I am writing, ladylike.

Sabtu Malam

Mungkin ada saatnya ketika saya dan inspirasi bermusuhan. Seperti dua kutub magnet yang bersatu namun bertolak belakang, mengejar satu sama lain, membuat medan magnet sendiri, saling menghindar. Terkadang sulit bagi saya mengajak inspirasi berteman di kala waktu yang senggang. Sulit juga ketika saya diajaknya bermain ketika waktu kuliah saya mulai. Maka dari itu saya di sini, menggerutu sendiri, menulis tanpa arah dalam draft yang kemudian akan saya publikasikan, agar orang tahu bahwa kami sedang bermusuhan.