Saturday, May 2, 2015



I love when we interact, when we exchange words, thoughts, or even glances. And I love how your eyes start to narrow and you soften your lips as you tell me the L word,  and I love how we argue about little things and I love when you tell me to shut up when I've been doing my non-stop talking mode, and I love when we forget about our special dates, and I love when you suddenly appear in front of my door, knocking on it, without saying a word, and when I let you in, you walk towards my bed and make a statement that it is your bed and you won't allow me to shoo you away. And I love how you get angry about silly things, about my hair, about me going home alone, about me staying up late, about me being busy, and I love how you tease about me longing for you, about me making some stupid arguments about your behavior, about me apologizing, and some other stuff. With you, I don't have to be anyone else. I always try hard to write as a gentleman, cause I have some image issues that I don't want to sound as weak as women. But here I am writing, ladylike.

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