Sunday, July 5, 2015


"People can't always be perfect because that's not real, is it? It's not real because things change, don't they?"
Pandora said to Effy, when asked about Thomas. I'm wearing my old brown pants and this black sweater that I bought last year, not a good choice for Monday as it seems so grief, yet I'm still wearing it to the office.
I have written a post about life being reversible, that everything has its own gravity, pulling each other and making cycle, maybe for some reasons, life is not reversible. Like, when you kill someone, and their family is angry at you, you can not be forgiven, maybe they can forget for a while, but they can not forget. And things change, and they will adapt, but they will still remember. 
Again, it's a gloomy writing on Monday. It's quite sunny outside, but still though.  The idea of relationship itself is questionable, still. What does it really take to build a relationship? Trust, sacrificial, love, lust, sex? What does it really want to be contained of? The fact is, people need everything in a relationship. There's nothing essential, but everything is. Trust, love, sacrificial, lust, conflict, touch, you can not choose one, can you? Because things change, and you can't ever be perfect. You have to fulfill what is needed. When you can't, someone gets hurt.

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