Thursday, November 7, 2013


If time really changes everyone, how will entities be able to face the changing of the living-beings? if time is entity, how will time face the changing of the living -things when itself won't fasten or slow its move, when everyone is fastening, when everyone has been different from time to time. How could non-changing entity cause the changing of human beings? How come, people turned so much different. How in the hell did they turn into creatures that can no longer be trusted?

Botanical Garden Pt2

No dude, I didn't just take photos of the scenery, I also had taken pictures of me, in locations I found really interesting. Damn, somehow I would feel like I was in europe. 
The tall trees made me imagine like, I was in a suburban area in Hampshire, or I don't know... Leipzig. Besides, the leaves were falling, reminded me of autumn. Really. It was not as cold as you'd expect. It was.. warm. It wasn't windy at all when I was there. But yeah...
There were also cactus sellers. There was even this hothouse for special cactus treatment.So instead of growing flowers, this hothouse grew cactus instead. See, you could feel like you were in Nevada! 

After visiting the Botanical Garden, the massive traffic jam occurred. We were stuck there, in a mountain-ish road. We felt bored so we stopped by in this little restaurant to eat and pee. The restaurant served well foods...Goat and chicken satay... poffertjes (although the menu said "pupercise" haha) there was also... bansus, bandrek susu... this milky ginger drink.AH. They tasted great. All I needed was a guitar, it was the kind of trip I'd dream about... The restaurant had this view of this valley... I asked the waiter if we could actually enter the valley, and he showed us the way... And tada. These 2 pictures above, are the pictures of the valley. The restaurant is located up above.

I felt so relaxed, and happy that day. Thanks to my mom, my dad, my bro, my sister who were all excited to go there. I love you guys.

Botanical Garden pt1

Last week, like on Monday, Mom was planning to have a family trip to West Java on the weekend. Considering that I had spent a long damn time in Jakarta and realizing that my family hadn't had a family trip since... 2010? So I thought, why not. I canceled my plans on saturday night to join this family trip Sadly, on Friday, my father seemed so hostile to his surroundings. When I approached him to say hello when I had just arrived at home, I saw this fluctuating graphic, and that time, the graphic was fluctuating down down down like super down, I concluded that father had some problems that bothered him, causing his hostility to his surroundings. 

So on Saturday, I bought him a slice of opera cake.I also added a note to the box, saying "Smile, dad. You look handsome as your grin shines! Tomorrow shall we have our family trip.It'll be fun."

My father looked... shy when he received the cake. I knew he was happy with it. My opera cake helped my family to finally be able to have a family trip to West Java.

We left Jakarta really early. It was like 5 am. Sunday morning. And we arrived at 7 am in West Java. Oh, the reason we were visiting West Java is to pick up my sister from her camping field. My sister had been doing camping for 3days since Friday. It was her school activity. She looked so comfortable and she looked amiable enough to the nature. Nice. I wouldn't even last a day in that place. Oh, she was staying in this camping field, located in Cibodas, West Java. It also had this massive botanical garden near the camping field. It's called, "Kebun Raya CIbodas" (eng: Cibodas Botanical Garden)

The Botanical Garden was beautiful. Like really, you guys should come, bring your camera, and just shoot the right angle. So many many good spots to be taken photos at. It was beautiful. I visited that place early in the morning, so it wasn't really congested. It was oh so beautiful.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Stand still like a brave knight, holding sword like a villain, falling defeated like a duchess. Doesn't matter if you have the courage, the weapon, you will end up failing like an idiot in a dependence. A wasteful of efforts, flying memories, the sound of anger, the looks of confusion. Tears you are holding are meant to be poured. noisy roads full of vehicles driving on and on. silent room, dead dolls, and tiny mosquitos flying around, leaving you cornered. walking souls breaking in, the cornered self is blinded, paralyzed, with numb heart. Numb heart which is beating fast in exhaustion, suffocates the lungs dying, lack of air. Empty brain, forlorn. forlorn.

Insting mati.

"Death instinct will be activated when we think on purposely that the bad things we do are okay, or when our nerve can't function because of the illness in our mental. Death instinct, is a kind of instinct that directs us to do something bad. Death instinct shouldn't be functioning. If sane humans would try to activate this instinct, should we keep calling them, 'sane'?"