Sunday, June 19, 2016

Years with Rihanna

Hello! Guess what I chose for my media research final exam? Yup, Rihanna. I made a little research based on Roland Barthes' Semiotic approach on Rihanna's "ANTI" album cover. ANTI is her latest album that contains the-very-famous "Work" featuring Drake. The album cover was quite different as it didn't contain any of her photograph. I connected how the album relates to her new personal branding (as she starts to expose her nipples these days).

Anyways, I'm not going to talk about the album "ANTI" tonight, but I'm going to talk about Rihanna these 13 years of her career. I first saw her on Mtv back when I was in the elementary school. Her music "We Ride" was on TV, and I started to adore her as she looked so stunning in that little brown dress.

When our eyes closed,

It was one afternoon, I met him when winter almost turned spring, but we felt warm enough as if it was summer. I've never met a guy as kind-hearted as he was, and I've never known anyone as adoring as he was. If I had listened to my heart, and be less afraid, we would've, we would've pictured things differently. Not that I regret meeting him, in one fine beach, one warm sea. But if only I was as infatuated as he wanted me to be, or I was as calm as I wanted myself to be, we would've turned out so differently now.

It's just that, I miss looking into your eyes and see you nod approvingly. 
Still I'm glad we met in a world where our eyes were closed.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kala mentari berselimut malam
Di mana waktu menghilang dalam gelap
Di sana aku berbicara dalam sunyi
Dengan syahdu mengenal
Masa yang lampau

Karena sementara tidak ada waktu
Biarkan jiwa berkelana
membasuh angan
Yang dulu dikenal
Yang kini dirindukan

Aku melihat wajahnya
Senyuman sahaja dan tatapan sayu
Sepasang bola mata berkata-kata
Dan kalbu bertanya-tanya,
"Apa yang sedang kau pikirkan?"

Karena sementara tidak ada waktu,
Biarkan semuanya terucap
Karena saat tidak ada waktu,
Rindu pun berbicara

Monday, June 6, 2016

Doesn't Make You Social

Instagram Girl
Hello, I finally got the chance to arrange a wedding last saturday. It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of people's once in a lifetime experience. I was assigned as the Liason Officer for the photographers but I ended being a photographer after all.

It was one fine evening until I saw this family. I was sitting with my friend, Edo. We talked about how the wedding going swell and stuff. And suddenly, this little girl sat on a chair in front of us and grabbed a bread knife. She was dark brown tanned while her mom and sister were white with yellow hair. Her brother was also brown skinned but he was enjoying himself. Indonesian think that brown skin isn't as beautiful as white skin. I guess she wasn't really confident of her appearance.

In the other side, her big sister whose hair was yellow, she kept asking her little sister to take pictures for her. She told her, "Hurry take a picture of me." the little girl reluctantly took pictures of her sister. But then the older one kind of scolded her. She said "Would you even be more helpful? Look mom she's not doing it right. You should count to three then click the button."

So the little girl agreed and counted to three. But this time, she held that knife with her mouth. Edo and I were shocked to see that. That girl, then started to rub that knife on her tongue and her upper palate. Seeing her little sister doing that, that yellow haired bitch went on scolding, "Seriously? why would you do that?"

But she kept asking her little sister to take pictures of her. She asked her to take one for her instagram, for her snapchat, and phhhoto. I mean that girl didn't stop rubbing that fucking knife and she didn't even care. Well I know that the knife wasn't sharp and wouldn't hurt her, but that girl is showing a self-harm action. Come on! You should know that,

"Having a social media, doesn't make you social."

Discourse Analysis: Bohemian Rhapsody

Hello, I haven't got the time to write, well I might've had, but I didn't. Well, these past few years I spent in the university has got my brain divided into branches. So much to think about, so much to do, so much to revise. Jeez, revision. How can you people even deal with it?

Anyways, this semester, we've got a lot of interesting subjects. I have just finished my Media Relations final exam. It was really cool we had to present our slide shows with pecha kucha method. Media Relations is one of my favorite subjects because I've always wanted to be a journalist, and it's one subject where we deal with a lot of journalistic stuff.

Another subject I am most interested in is, Media Research. Through this subject, we learn about what is written behind a writing that the press produced or what is told behind a photograph that the press captured. Yup, hidden meanings, semiotic approach, and stuff. We even had an assignment where we counted how many negative words and positive words written in an article to find out which side the related media is siding with.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Digital Activation

instagram: maknasekata
Instagram: fotografikampus
Here's what I've been doing for these past months since I last posted a writing to this blog. I've been helping my friends to get their brand digitally activated. And so far, I've been responsible to handle instagram. 

1. Maknasekata

Maknasekata is an account created by my friend, Tito. With a little help from me, we daily post an Indonesian word that's unusually used. Indonesians, including me, would rather to speak in English. Some of them even have such a proud feeling when talking in English. Tito and I are preventing Bahasa Indonesia to be the next Latin Language (Which is now, extinct, and only being used for naming scientific stuffs). Besides words, we also post Indonesian movie and book quotes.