Thursday, April 30, 2015


Tengah Malam

Dan kasih itu bersahaja, ketika saya menyutujui untuk mendengarkan lagu-lagunya, ketika saya menyetujui untuk bermain dengan anjing peliharaannya, ketika kami tertawa di jalanan, bertingkah aneh kala menunggu bus. Kasih tetap bersahaja ketika dia tersenyum melihat saya menggerutu, atau saya tertawa di saat dia marah. Kasih tetap bersahaja saat kami berbicara mengenai awal kemudian berujung kepada akhir, kemudian berujung kepada awal yang baru. Kasih masih bersahaja. Bukankah kasih yang bersahaja adalah kasih yang sempurna? Ataukah kau ingin bersikeras menyalakan bara?


Ayo kita menjadi satu,
menjadi palsu,
menjadi ragu,
menjadi sendu
menjadi yang kau mau,
menjadi hina,
menjadi dusta
menjadi fana.

Lanjutkan perannya.
Tidak apa, tidak ada yang melihat,
Mungkin kalbu tertawa,
Melihat diri yang tiada,
Melihat diri yang baru

Friday, April 3, 2015

Charles Dilaurentis

I finally found out who A is. 
Life has gotten easier than ever. 
Bethany Young might still be alive, I think.
Some people think Charles Dilaurentis who happens to be A, is Jason's twin. I think Charles Dilaurentis is another son Mrs. Dilaurentis had from another man. And somehow I think Bethany Young has/had an intimate relationship with Charles. I can't find the connection between Charles and the liars, but I think Charles is up to something... I think in season 6 we're going to see what's Charles up to, and we're going to at lest support his plan a little bit. I can't wait.


Aziz Adhimirza, 
Sound asleep at his house.

I saw how you'd work, today. I saw how you'd work as a journalist; something I've always wanted to be. I find it sacred, knowing secrets, being the first person to see a phenomenal tragedy, telling people how you think, and denying every unreasonable shit in this planet. Seeing you work today made me realize that maybe this career is not for me. I wouldn't be able to take control of the news when I couldn't even take control of myself. I'm just, going to be, something else. But I'm so proud of you, you're going to be what I've always wanted to be, and I'm going to support you like how I would've supported myself. 

I love you

April 3 2015

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." - Albert Camus
There's no such place called "Comfort". Even if you look for it, you will fall into another trap. That's why some people realize that, they don't belong anywhere. Some places they come into, some places they leave behind, some places they remember, some places they forget, they're all the same. If only, if only we could neutralize our feelings on how we remember memories, we would be invincible. Nothing would we fear, nothing would we look for. They're there, stand still. But the problem is, human needs to remember something to remember something else. That's not fair.