Saturday, September 22, 2012


A funny wind of thoughts blows my brain, freshens it, and leaves with a question about them, the animals. People whom we have indirectly admitted as mammals, are mammals. No matter how far or how high they can ever think, they are still mammals. I have one animalistic friend, let's call him, "The Dog". And I have another animalistic friend, that I usually call, "The cat". Both the dog and the cat would be very, nice to me.. in the old times. but as I see deeper, the dog will always be the sycophant.. and the cat will always be the devlish pussy inside. I have been judging the animal side of certain people.. calling their names with real animal names.. like grizzly, panda, skunk, and fish.. however, I began to realize.. maybe I am the only human left. just kidding

Great night

close your eyes as the world sing,
the lullaby of the silence that doesn't cling
hide yourself from those who sting,
everything will be better in the morning

shall I finish this infatuating verse,

the only thing I can give to the dearest
always know you've given your best
and i will never stop me to bless

great night. 

I told you, I wanted to write you a poem.