Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lebaran ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

I might be a little too late to say this.. but congratulations to us, as we have reached our high glory, Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri. Beg nothing but your forgiveness as we people, often make mistakes. Selamat Lebaran <3


Honestly, I wasn't even planning to indirectly write something in my blog about someone. 
But well, I am not talking about anyone.. but I am right now talking about the importance I give or the.. priority I have for certain people.
Crush? Well I don't think that I am prioritizing people.. isn't a great sample of showing a crush feeling from myself.. so nope. 

It begins in a deep early morning, where my eyes are still wide opened, awake, in the dark.. laying in my bed. picturing a true form in small media of  my fantasy... visions. as my thought moves away... far away.. to the bottom of impossibility.. to the edge of possibility.. to the spot of limit. it stops there. You. nothing to reach, nothing to lose. You are what I have, what I prioritze, what I presume as such an importance in myself. and the spot of limit fades...
vanishes there. leaves such a wonder, such a question. oh, what is that? how does my brain even come up with a slip of.. nothing I should never think of.

You. son of a bitch.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I heard that, we have two different paths we both would like to go.. let's say, you are wanting to go to the path A, and I want to go to the Path B. both paths have such great, equal facilities.. what makes us really insistent to go to our own path is that because we both believe in our own path.
say I will see a great carbonara spaghetti in path B. and you say you will see a great smoked beef fetucini in path A.
they both are equally great. but this great equality, is the one that makes the difference seems to be so hard. this equality.. this egalite, that makes the difference seems so strange. so I guess, right now you should go your way, and I will go mine. 

"we don't belong to anybody, and nobody belongs to us"

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Bon soir <3 ah, I just had my very first french lesson. 
Decisions have been wisely made. People start to be smarter, and smarter as they learn their life one more day, one more time. thousand brains making conclusions.. making considerations. sometimes, brain doesn't work very well when heart starts beating faster.. and the surroundings have become.. such a disaster. this is the right moment, when people tell you to think with your heart, ignoring your brain's theories and conclusion.. and when the heart is in a bad condition, there will be no consideration. just boom. vanished. gone. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I learned something today that... deep down inside you never feel like you could ever tolerate what you falsely tolerated. does that make sense? for example.. your partner cheated on you. they and apologized to you.. and you tolerated their mistake but you knew that mistake like that couldn't be tolerated. but you forced yourself to tolerate it so eventually, you tolerated it. well my point is.. if i were in that case, I wouldn't let anyone getting away for cheating on me. No matter what their reason is.. mistakes are mistakes. no bullshit. this is what they call... "I forgive but I do not forget". that is one weird phrase.. I mean why would someone forgive when they still recall the mistake by not forgetting it? does that make sense? doh-_-
So, the conclusion is.. when you have an abhorrent of something you can tolerate, don't tolerate. don't give pities.. they'll only make you feel regretful for lame decision you've just made.

Jane by Design.

I have never been this fanatic to any tv shows.. but oh well this one is very very... addicting. So this is Jane by Design, a new tv show by ABC family channel. well it's not that new, but it will be new in southeast asia. it shows up in star world every tuesday, starting this august, so keep in touch.
I have finished watching the complete first season in sidereel. so if you can't wait to watch it weekly, you can watch it anytime in sidereel for free. butyou have to track the links first.

so anyways, Jane by Design tells you about a high school student, Jane Quimby who got her fashion dream job, working in Donovan Decker. the problem is, people in Donovan Decker think that she's an adult. so she has to live two lives... one in high school, one in high fashion ha-ha. 

this show is very addicting because it plays with your emotion really well when you watch it. you can actually feel the tense and the tranquility when you watch it. you can be like "WTF DID HE JUST SAY?" and minutes later you can be like.. "aw that's so sweet." so yeah congratulations to the director of this show. I really, really love it.

Now, I am waiting for the second season to be released immediately. many jane by design fans have been tweetting, tumblring about our enthusiasm for the second season, and I hope ABC family will release it soon.