Friday, April 13, 2012

The three baritones

With De Drie Baritons
Thursday, April 12 2012 I visited this dutch cultural center in Jakarta a.k.a "Erasmus Huis" to watch this trio group from the Netherlands called "The Three Baritones" (dutch: de drie baritons). it was quiet entertaining. but I only recognized 3 of songs they sang yesterday. They sang Figaro for the opening song and it was spectacular, and they also sang erm "sway" and then "amigos para siempre means our friendship never ends-".  i don't know the title of that amigos para siempre song hehe.
I went there with my friend, Tasya. And I was acting weirdly there she said. when we got there we spared few minutes to see the photo gallery there. the photos were stunning and "meaningful". haha quotations.

One of their personel, the fat one is the funniest. he was being playful and fiendly. however jakartans barely know those songs they sing so the audiences were quiet lousy. but honestly, we were excited to see them performing in our city.
After performing they spared their time to meet us, the audience. and both Tasya and I took a picture with them. they were being friendly and ncie to us. so yeah. I don't have a camera with an auto focus so we took those pictures above with tasya's blackberry camera. the resolution isn't that great but oh well hehe.

So that's that. Thursday night in Erasmus Huis meeting a bariton trio from the Netherlands. what an experience! I'm looking forward for more events. free ones especially hahahaha.


"I've never meant to turn everything bad. Never meant to make you sad. Only meant to make you glad. No cruel intentions to add. Pardon me and what I agree, Excuse myself for not being yourself. Punish me if you want, punish me whenever you can. "
Fragile Balloons. Why would I even change "La Moneda Es Dorada" to "Fragile Balloons"?
My uncle told me. That human brain has memories that's just like those balloons. if they don't get blown with air often, they'll become smaller and smaller and being forgotten. But once we blow them again, they'll get bigger and bigger and we are always stay reminded. So this blog is one of medias I have to keep my "balloons" stay the same so I can remember what I have felt or I have done in the past. Makes sense?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

please stay the same

Tyler Riggs
worthless days at school. from monday to friday. trying to gain skills and knowledge. still would spare times at home studying and doing homeworks, still would think of it before i sleep. still would feel what a hectic really feels like. school. school. school. if there's another way to be happy when i'm old besides school, i would take it. i'm done being multitasking robot. i hate school. i hate it, so much. 

I don't understand how come you said that kind of thing to me. you said that you were proud of me. that i studied hard enough for the tests. i still don't get why you would say that to me. but for the very first time, I honestly finally feel like those things were worth studying. like i was worth trying for my studies. like i was some kind of a champion without knowing whether i was the winner or loser. like winning or losing doesnt even matter to you. it's like feeling, appreciated. and being appreciated is well enough for me. Thank you.

Rae Morris - Don't Go

"Don't go, don't feel like you have to, Only if you want to. Fill my world with hope again, hope again. Sometimes people make the wrong moves,walking in the wrong shoes. Make me feel like hope again, hope again."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

TeenVogue april

Suddenly got my april teenvogue yesterday. when i woke up from my nap, i found it beside me. my sister bought me. hehe. what a thoughtful little girl hehehehe. that happens only sometimes ahahahahaa. the magazine shows prom dresses. prom tips. some ads, and Josh Hutcherson <3. and the horoscope told me to find his interests so we can be closer than before, and get through this problem. whoa, yea.
Numbers are just numbers
Things that were made of each others

Numbers are just numbers
Those never worse, never even better

Numbers are just numbers,
The cheapest way to scale the ohers.


Make-up kit.

My grandmother just arrived from Saudi Arabia. and she bought that make up kit for me. haha. I'm not a make up person, but oh well I'd love to learn how to "garnish" my face with such, "acceptable inks". grandmum probably thought, "It's timefor fidy to grow da fuck up" hahaha. well honestly, I can't really diverse eye-shadows and lipsticks. so..  yeah.

And I promised I wouldn't leave you. That means I would never leave you. you, me, continents and oceans, bring it on. I'll be here, pretending to be there. call it lame, pathetic, stupid, whatsoever. it doesn't matter.