Monday, July 27, 2015

Movie & Music Mumble: God Help The Girl

Good afternoon folks. I am currently writing in my agency edifice, my office, it's lunchtime right now and I decided to write. God help the girl, god help me! I first found this movie on a teaser in Fox Movies Premium. I first saw Emily Browning and I thought, wow, she's playing an indie movie again and then Hannah Murray Showed up! And I was like, no no no no this can't be true. This can't be happening! My two favorite actresses in one movie! And I saw the guy from skins season 7 and the lead singer of Years & Years (Olly Alexander)! I mean there are 2 skins casts in this movie, I mean who can resist right? And I was like shit this is probably the coolest movie I'm about to watch!

It was Wednesday. This movie was scheduled on Wednesday at 8 pm  on Fox Movies Premium. So I went home early on Wednesday. I had to wait for my grandma to get out of the TV room to invade the TV. When she finally left, I began to watch it. I didn't watch it from the exact beginning but shit man, it was really awesome. I mean I was late 15 minutes but I could still understand and enjoy every single aspect.

This movie is about three friends try to make a music project on summer. Eve (Emily Browning), who is a patient in a psychiatric hospital ran away to Glasgow and met James (Olly Alexander), a songwriter and a guitarist. James then introduced Eve to Cassie (Hannah Murray), and then three of them became friends and decided to form a band.

Actually I tried to google the interesting shots from this movie, but my favorite shot didn't show up. My favorite scene was when Eve and Anton were playing dress up or were choosing clothes for Eve to wear, there's one shot where Anton dressed exactly the same like the mannequin next to him. When I saw that I felt like I kind of found some kind of NAZI clue or a rare gem in South Africa, and I thought, damn that's creative.

So, whose brain that would come up with ideas about making this movie?

Stuart Murdoch (left) is the director of this movie, and these pictures are the real God Help The Girl Project. God Help The Girl is actually a musical project by Stuart Murdoch that involved female vocalists (Including Catherine Ireton) and his band "Bell and Sebastian" as the guys who played the instruments. 

This group released so many singles and albums. Some selected songs eventually ended up in the movie. The songs are beyond beautiful, they are easy-listening, with fun lyrics, fun thoughts, fun imagination, and the visualization that you can see from the movie is relevant to the songs. 

I've posted my top 15 playlists on Instagram yesterday and three of them were God Help The Girl's songs. I barely become fanatic about one thing you know, but I really love this movie and music very very much I can't stop listening to them.

So these are the songs that I recommend for you, I think some songs are better when being sung by Browning and Murray, but there are songs that are perfectly originally sung by God Help The Girl. Yup.

1. Come Monday Night
2. A down and Dusky Blonde
3. Pretty Eve in the Tub
5. If You Could Speak
6. I Just Want Your Jeans.

Enjoy watching and listening people!

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