Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dangerous Talk: Science and Belief

This is my hesitation and this is my curiosity. Just like a journal. Just like records of what I've been thinking lately. 
It started from the moment that I realized that light could've come from fire. They said it, in the book, in the Qur'an. That angels were made from the light, and demons were made from the fire. But what shines does burn, right? Just like the stars, for example, they were made by fire and still got the light at the same time, so what is the entity anyway?
Then I started to realize something again. We humans, we are the destroyer of the universe. We are going to cause the doomsday, and we know it. But what is a doomsday anyway? Is it a day where Earth is doomed or the whole universe is doomed? I believe, we are very smart creatures, aren't we? We have something so wide above us, infinite worlds to travel, so we can move out from this planet right? It'll take ages, hundred of ages but humas adapt in the spaceship, and we will find a new home, a new planet just like Earth.
And then what?

The sun is so so far away. We won't be able to pray, we won't be able to do Fajr Pray, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha anymore because we are not close the sun anymore, are we? We don't have the kabbah as the direction? We're gonna be back to the very ancient time, we have the knowledge but not the ability because we have to adjust. We're gonna act stupid in a new planet, adapting to a new environment, just like the men back in the oldest time. This paragraph sounds similar to the "Arrival of Adam and Eve". Where they suddenly just appeared on the Earth, said that they came all the way from Heaven. Can Heaven be another old planet where Adam and Eve lived before? And fire and light... they made a "doomsday" in their old planet so they had to move? And they found Earth? 

So far, religions that exist, they explain how to survive on this planet. But they don't teach you what other planets might mean to you. God exists, I believe that. 
But, which religion that doesn't only explain Earth, but the lives outside the Earth?
Because God is supposed to conquer the whole, huge universe, not just Earth and our solar system.

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