Sunday, October 27, 2013

M O N D A Y.


Some girls are so damn beautiful, they start to feel ugly. Define beauty is really difficult. People have their own opinions about it. Some girls would follow what society wants. skinny body, long legs, pointed nose, long hair, light skin. Some try so hard they won't consider their own values. Some girls would starve to death to be skinny. Some girls would take risk on plastic surgery, some would use whitening lotion, some would use push-up bra, some would use heavy make ups. Beauty. All I cared about was being skinny. I had my diet schedule back then, I wouldn't eat and stuff. Really pathetic. In the end, I still couldn't get what I wanted. In the end, I realize, beauty isn't meant to be craved, it is meant to be taken care of. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Me in Jakarta Fashion Week
Qya in Jakarta Fashion Week

Hello hello everyone! On October 20th Qya and I attended Jakarta Fashion Week to see a fashion show by Binus International School of Fashion. It was Sunday. We arrived there at around 3 pm yet, the show started at 5 pm. So we immediately went to the main atrium to see the public show. oh, before we go too far, I want to tell you that I lost those photos I have taken during the show because my computer broke before I had the time to upload them. These are the pictures that I have uploaded to facebook privately before the computer broke. I think it's my bad luck after laughing at this woman who fell from the 3rd line to the 1st line.

We got the invitations by booking them online, and then the truth was that we had to sit in the 3rd line because we booked them, we didn't get invited. Oh this show was held in the fashion tent, the runway was pretty long, the lights were amazing, the models were amazing, the people were amazing. I wasn't happy to be sat in the 3rd line as I wouldn't get anything to take a pic of, so yeah I was really pissed. But then before the show started there were 2 seats in the 1st line still, so I kind of jumped to get it. so Qya and I got the 1st line seatsss holla holla holla!

Oh I also met my friend, from my elementary school, Ovra. He was with his friend. I also met several people....

Random handsome male models

Me and Wisnu Sinaga 

I feel really crappy that I'm not able to post the pictures from the shows because the collections were really stunning, some were modernized-traditional, some were futuristic, some were strong-military style, some were mystical. I really wish to come next year. Au revoir!


Oh let's face it. You can choose one of them, but you can't choose both of them. If  I were the government, I would choose Communism yet If I were just a civil, I'd choose liberalism. I think it's completely impossible choosing the median of these 2 concepts. It's really impossible. Just saying. 

Too late to be told.

Today I didn't do my daily morning pray. I knew something bad was going to happen, but I didn't listen. I woke up, and I went to the bathroom to pee. But instead of preparing myself to pray, I went back to sleep. In that morning sleep, I had a dream. I saw him in my dream from such a pretty far distance. and then he kind of came to me, and he said, "Promise me, would you?" and I had no idea what he was talking about. But oh well, I hugged him. I felt happy inside. Like I felt really, really blessed having him in my dream. But then he walked away. I tried to chase him, to blame him everything. But then I saw him, entering a house, a white small house, with a big smile, a smile of satisfaction. And a girl showed up, and I could hear himself saying "I did it." in a silence. it was like, I could read his mind. And then I woke up, feeling slapped in my face. 

Sometimes, I just can't believe how drastic he has changed. I think it's just, impossible. I knew him in a nice, loving way, how can I possibly change my mind to a disgusting, hating way? Sometimes, I just don't want to believe that you are a horrible person. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt4

Folks in Fashion's Night Out. 
 Remember Ryan from Kemang Fashion Week? So I met him again in Fashion's Night Out. I saw him being interviewed by the media. and then when he was about to leave, Qya and I talked to him. Ryan seemed so surprised seeing us in that party. He was like, "Eh!! sama siapa?" when he saw me. That means "Hey! Who are you going with?" and then I told him that it was me and Qya again. hehe
 Me and Kiki
 Me and Marissa Nasution
Me and Indra Bruchman

Anonymous Models and Beautiful People
So this is my bel ami. I like the guy in a grey shirt on my left side. When I walked to him and asked if we could take a picture, he was like, "Oh yeah sure." and then his friend (on my right) spoke in such a strange language. I had to ask him where he was from! As I was very very curious about the language! So I asked his friend, "Where are you from?" in a fangirl tone kind of voice. and he said, "Brazil." And I was like, "Ah mucho gusto."
Then he didn't say anything. 
Fuck. That was awkward. Mucho Gusto is actually spanish, it means nice to meet you. I don't understand why he didn't say anything.. I don't know what went wrong; whether it's my pronounciation or just that he didn't understand spanish. I mean I know that brazilians speak portuguese, but still, Brazil is close to Argentina and Chile so I kind of expected him to say something in spanish cause I really really wanted to practice my spanish. But he didn't sau anything, SO I told him, "It's spanish."
And click! we took a picture. the three of us. Then I told the guy on my left again, "Gracias." I mean everybody knows what "gracias" means, it's like knowing what "sorry" means in english. Again, that guy didn't say anything. But instead, my beautiful beautiful friend in a grey shirt, he said, "De nada." which means "You're welcome."
My heart stopped. Like, jeez I didn't even expect him to pay attention to me. Jeez, I couldn't help but smiling. and then he said, "bvsmhfjkjksjd" something in spanish that I didn't understand. And YOU KNOW WHAT I TOLD HIM? I said, "No puede espanol." shit.
what kind of a girl I am, mortifying myself in front of someone I had been keeping my eyes on that night. SHIT. "No puede espanol" means I can't spanish. WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY "No puede hablar en espanol" which means I cna't speak in spanish. OR JUST SIMPLY SAID, "No comperendo" which means I don't understand. I was so mortified I ran to Qya and told her that I had just made a spanish mistake. And blah. I was so embarrassed. I didn't even ask his name. Oh god.
Oh my God, It was really really glad to see you all, I had the time of my life that night. I am looking forward to other events to come. I am going to sleep in such a peaceful thoughts. MASSIVE thanks to Qya for accompanying me that night, MASSIVE thanks to Kuningan City for the awesome invitation to the party. I hope I can see you all again soon. I love you all. Stay safe. 

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt3

The fashion shows were firstly opened by this muaythai performance by muaythai athletes. they showed us techniques and moves from that art. they were pretty musculars, and it was quiet unexpectable seeing sport show in a fashion show. so bravo, organizers. 
Those are a little glimpse of The North Face ID show and Nautica, and Bratpack shows. The collections were all wearbale, I would recommend my boyfriend to shop those collections if I had one. HAHAHA.
The following show was Carnival by Afgan. Suddenly, two male dancers came up with one sexy female dancer. They were dancing and dancing, and then suddenly shirtless models came to do a catwalk. and then the male dancers went out, and then those models posed on the beginning of the runway, and then this sexy sexy female dancer helped them to perform a catwalk with shirts on. I was like, aw thats so sweet. That guy in the center, is mon bel ami whose name I didn't even have the chance to ask.Ah. 
Carnival by Afgan was followed by Ichwan Thoha's collections. They were uinque. I was astonished seeing the colors all mixed up in a great combination. There were so many risks I had seen in that show, so many many modifications, they were all still wearable, but you all just got to be brave wearing them as they're not common clothes, they're unique, in a good creative way, you go boys!
After Mr. Thoha's show, Armani Jeans show started. I am sorry I don't have the pictures of Aramni Jeans, cause I had troubles taking the pictures ad this photographer's head was blocking my lens, so yeah. The pictures were pretty defected. You can actually visit Kuningan City's twitter account; @Kuningan_city to see the collections. 
 The fashion shows ended with a parade by the models from each collection. i didn't know that there were so many models participating. They looked like a train of a beautiful people, wearing beautiful outfits.
 After the fashion shows ended, Maliq &D'essentials entertained the guests by performing their songs. After Maliq, this DJ started spinning his playlists, and people began to dance. Before, Marissa as the MC told us to not go anywhere cause the models would be joining us in the room in a moment. 
"Damn!" I thought.
To be continued............

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt2

Me and Rio Dewanto
Me and Mike Lewis

Dear readers, I've been trying to blog since yesterday, but I've no personal notebook, and this current notebook I am currently using has this.... battery problems.. So yeah so much reasons to procrastinate. My sister told me, "Your blog posts late articles. Such a shame." Pft, I mean really,if I had a super awesome notebook, I wouldn't even be late to post things in my blog.
I am actually, still speechless, remembering that I was even there. I mean, that was such 100 percents luck for me. Sometimes, I would still smile out of nowhere, remembering mon bel ami. Le bel ami. I made this nickname to this guy whom I met in Exodus. Le bel ami. Beautiful friend(friend as in a guy friend). He looked really beautiful, I could've fallen in love with him.

Ah okay, so based on the invitation, the event would be held at 7 pm. I immediately came to Exodus at 6:30 pm just in case we had to wait in lines. When we arrived there, Qya and I saw beautiful beautiful male models were resting outside the venue. I repeat, male models. I was like, okay, where are we exactly? the models were like, male version of angels. Damn they looked so beautiful. 

We entered Exodus Dining. And we saw Marissa Nasution, Mike Lewis, Robby Purba, and Rio Dewanto were being given a briefing about the event. and after they finished having that meeting, I collected my guts to finally talk to Mike and Rio, and ask them if I can take pictures with them. They were being so nice, they were like, "Okay sure..." and I asked this waiter to take the pictures. I was very grateful that he was there helping me. Thank you mas pelayan.

This event began with a welcoming dance from these dancers. They were dancing Ne-Yo style with a bit of attractions of breakdance tricks on the runway. I was pretty shocked, yet I was quiet aware of the possibility that they might fall on the runway. I mean models, they walk, they could fall. Pft, imagine doing a breakdance on a runway! wow.  Just speechless.
After the dancers finished dancing, suddenly these models walked on the runway as an opening fashion show.
My heart became more hysterical than my face cause I had to you know keep my image. I sat in the front line on the left side of the runway so I could see the collections and the models pretty clearly.
And then Marissa Nasution showed up on the stage and introducing all the host for that night. The hosts showed up and did a catwalk. Oh I forgot to tell you that this autumn edition was a men edition so the models were all male, so were the hosts and the collections.
And then the ceo of Kuningan city came up to the stage and gave a little welcoming speech, followed by a toast. The guests were told to stand up, and hail raise their glasses. and the CEO officially opened the party by raising his glass and said, "enjoy the party!". Everybody clapped and sat down, and Marissa declared that the collections were ready to be shown.
to be continued....

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt1

I have planned on going to Fashion's Night Out in Kuningan City months ago. It was a summer edition. I have received the invitation, but on the Day D, I had to visit my great grandma, I had to go out of town. So I missed it. It was such a disappointment for me, having my plans tore down suddenly.
But you know, every sacrificial comes with a price.
One day I was visiting Kuningan City with my family, and I saw this announcement about Fashion's Night Out Autumn Edition. And I thought, jeez I really should come. I meant, I must. I told my partner in crime, Qya, whom I often go to public events with about it. And then she found out there was a quiz to get the invitation to the party. And I joined it. And thankfully, I won.
When they mentioned my username on their tweet. My heart was like.. beating so fast, and then I couldn't help screaming. I felt like somebody just pushed my mood up. It was thursday and earlier that day,I wasinformed that I had failed 2 subjects; Bahasa Indonesia and tech studies. So when I was informed that I got the invitation, I went crazy like a fan girl.and I immediately told Qya that we could go to rhe party the next day. 
I didn't only get the invitation, but I also got this awesome t-shirt, so Thanks super a lot toKuningan City for the gifts. On friday afternoon, I went to Kuningan City to get my invitation.I was informed that the party was going to be held in Exodus dining, at 7 pm. the dresscode demanded black and silver colors, with the touch of red. I was thinking about this silver tanktop and this black skirt I had. I was thinking to polish my nails with red, but I didn't get much time on friday night, so I just used this red lipstick.
There was nothing I could think of but that Fashion's Night Out. I was beyond excited.


I've stopped attending french course. Mom told me to. She said I should be focusing on my school works instead, not that course, nor public events. what a shame. Sometimes, I feel like, "Sad night, where's morning?" HAHAHA parrot. Sad Night Where is Morning is actually a song. I miss being able to not giving so much shits. Still, I had an amazing friday night yesterday. Gonna tell you about that later...Adieu.