Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt4

Folks in Fashion's Night Out. 
 Remember Ryan from Kemang Fashion Week? So I met him again in Fashion's Night Out. I saw him being interviewed by the media. and then when he was about to leave, Qya and I talked to him. Ryan seemed so surprised seeing us in that party. He was like, "Eh!! sama siapa?" when he saw me. That means "Hey! Who are you going with?" and then I told him that it was me and Qya again. hehe
 Me and Kiki
 Me and Marissa Nasution
Me and Indra Bruchman

Anonymous Models and Beautiful People
So this is my bel ami. I like the guy in a grey shirt on my left side. When I walked to him and asked if we could take a picture, he was like, "Oh yeah sure." and then his friend (on my right) spoke in such a strange language. I had to ask him where he was from! As I was very very curious about the language! So I asked his friend, "Where are you from?" in a fangirl tone kind of voice. and he said, "Brazil." And I was like, "Ah mucho gusto."
Then he didn't say anything. 
Fuck. That was awkward. Mucho Gusto is actually spanish, it means nice to meet you. I don't understand why he didn't say anything.. I don't know what went wrong; whether it's my pronounciation or just that he didn't understand spanish. I mean I know that brazilians speak portuguese, but still, Brazil is close to Argentina and Chile so I kind of expected him to say something in spanish cause I really really wanted to practice my spanish. But he didn't sau anything, SO I told him, "It's spanish."
And click! we took a picture. the three of us. Then I told the guy on my left again, "Gracias." I mean everybody knows what "gracias" means, it's like knowing what "sorry" means in english. Again, that guy didn't say anything. But instead, my beautiful beautiful friend in a grey shirt, he said, "De nada." which means "You're welcome."
My heart stopped. Like, jeez I didn't even expect him to pay attention to me. Jeez, I couldn't help but smiling. and then he said, "bvsmhfjkjksjd" something in spanish that I didn't understand. And YOU KNOW WHAT I TOLD HIM? I said, "No puede espanol." shit.
what kind of a girl I am, mortifying myself in front of someone I had been keeping my eyes on that night. SHIT. "No puede espanol" means I can't spanish. WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY "No puede hablar en espanol" which means I cna't speak in spanish. OR JUST SIMPLY SAID, "No comperendo" which means I don't understand. I was so mortified I ran to Qya and told her that I had just made a spanish mistake. And blah. I was so embarrassed. I didn't even ask his name. Oh god.
Oh my God, It was really really glad to see you all, I had the time of my life that night. I am looking forward to other events to come. I am going to sleep in such a peaceful thoughts. MASSIVE thanks to Qya for accompanying me that night, MASSIVE thanks to Kuningan City for the awesome invitation to the party. I hope I can see you all again soon. I love you all. Stay safe. 

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