Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt3

The fashion shows were firstly opened by this muaythai performance by muaythai athletes. they showed us techniques and moves from that art. they were pretty musculars, and it was quiet unexpectable seeing sport show in a fashion show. so bravo, organizers. 
Those are a little glimpse of The North Face ID show and Nautica, and Bratpack shows. The collections were all wearbale, I would recommend my boyfriend to shop those collections if I had one. HAHAHA.
The following show was Carnival by Afgan. Suddenly, two male dancers came up with one sexy female dancer. They were dancing and dancing, and then suddenly shirtless models came to do a catwalk. and then the male dancers went out, and then those models posed on the beginning of the runway, and then this sexy sexy female dancer helped them to perform a catwalk with shirts on. I was like, aw thats so sweet. That guy in the center, is mon bel ami whose name I didn't even have the chance to ask.Ah. 
Carnival by Afgan was followed by Ichwan Thoha's collections. They were uinque. I was astonished seeing the colors all mixed up in a great combination. There were so many risks I had seen in that show, so many many modifications, they were all still wearable, but you all just got to be brave wearing them as they're not common clothes, they're unique, in a good creative way, you go boys!
After Mr. Thoha's show, Armani Jeans show started. I am sorry I don't have the pictures of Aramni Jeans, cause I had troubles taking the pictures ad this photographer's head was blocking my lens, so yeah. The pictures were pretty defected. You can actually visit Kuningan City's twitter account; @Kuningan_city to see the collections. 
 The fashion shows ended with a parade by the models from each collection. i didn't know that there were so many models participating. They looked like a train of a beautiful people, wearing beautiful outfits.
 After the fashion shows ended, Maliq &D'essentials entertained the guests by performing their songs. After Maliq, this DJ started spinning his playlists, and people began to dance. Before, Marissa as the MC told us to not go anywhere cause the models would be joining us in the room in a moment. 
"Damn!" I thought.
To be continued............

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