Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Me in Jakarta Fashion Week
Qya in Jakarta Fashion Week

Hello hello everyone! On October 20th Qya and I attended Jakarta Fashion Week to see a fashion show by Binus International School of Fashion. It was Sunday. We arrived there at around 3 pm yet, the show started at 5 pm. So we immediately went to the main atrium to see the public show. oh, before we go too far, I want to tell you that I lost those photos I have taken during the show because my computer broke before I had the time to upload them. These are the pictures that I have uploaded to facebook privately before the computer broke. I think it's my bad luck after laughing at this woman who fell from the 3rd line to the 1st line.

We got the invitations by booking them online, and then the truth was that we had to sit in the 3rd line because we booked them, we didn't get invited. Oh this show was held in the fashion tent, the runway was pretty long, the lights were amazing, the models were amazing, the people were amazing. I wasn't happy to be sat in the 3rd line as I wouldn't get anything to take a pic of, so yeah I was really pissed. But then before the show started there were 2 seats in the 1st line still, so I kind of jumped to get it. so Qya and I got the 1st line seatsss holla holla holla!

Oh I also met my friend, from my elementary school, Ovra. He was with his friend. I also met several people....

Random handsome male models

Me and Wisnu Sinaga 

I feel really crappy that I'm not able to post the pictures from the shows because the collections were really stunning, some were modernized-traditional, some were futuristic, some were strong-military style, some were mystical. I really wish to come next year. Au revoir!

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