Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini vacation gifts.

Mum bought me those. I don't know in what occasion. I helped her finding this printer for our family company yesterday. and I was glancing at that hello kitty headset. and she asked me if i want that, and I nodded, cha ching! she gave it to me. and then we went to visit this accessories store and again I was glancing at those bracelets and cha ching! she bought me those yeyeye<3
Thanks mommy, I love you

Who we see tragically horror
Aren't us who stand in the mirror
Because Our reflections lay inside our brain
Forming perfection we try to gain

So don't blame the wannabes
For something they can't please
We are finding who we are
Before world kidnaps us too far

Bunny talks

"Being a rabbit ain't easy you know, Fid," said my bunny. 
"Oh, how is that hard, dear? you sit on my bed all day, with my dream catcher..." said I. 
"Sometime it gets me on my nerves seeing possible stuff that'll happen to you while you're trying to jump so high in front of me, or how you smile in your sleep when you'd struggle in the morning. Or how you try to plan everything perfectly in your 'Treasure Book' or how you write your arts in your notes, or how you try to see so hard to reach your vision, or how you finally cry at night for doing the same ugly things you have done before. Trust me, it's not easy. Cause I just see, not act. and so do you. you see, barely try to act. seeing isn't that good my friend, seeing isn't that good." 
And I eventually found myself, pretending to talk to my bunny again

Imajinasi @GFJA

Yesterday, I spared my time to visit GFJA or Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (Eng. Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery) near Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. They're showing photos, based on "Imagination" in that gallery. there are few photos there, with various concepts and tricks. and it's free admission. so come visit before April 16 2012

They also offer photography workshop there. and you can try to register before March 24 by paying Rp100000 for the registration form and Rp2.850.000 for the workshop itself. for more information you can visit the gallery at Jl. Antara No. 59, Pasar Baru, Jakarta 10710. or visit their website at

Have a nice day people!
(P.S I got the first Image from Media Indonesia website cause i didn't bring my camera to the gallery that day)

So tell me, are you still the same?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Matthew Hitt (¯`v´¯)

spare the dawn back in the forest
nearby one place we make our nest
starve for the glory we'll find soon
the redness swings by the moon

spare the dawn back in the forest
gladly we tend to do our best
sing our tune then fall into a swoon
the redness swings by the moon

you, distance, me. you, time zone, me.
 I'm sorry I made you stay up late. I'm sorry I slept in your morning. And I'm sorry I'm awake at your night. I'm sorry I go to school too often. I'm sorry I get too many homeworks everyday. I'm sorry I still have to study for examinations. I'm sorry I fall asleep while we're talking. I'm sorry we don't talk as much as we used to. I just want you to know that, I still miss you.