Friday, July 27, 2012

growing up.

Looking at my little sister.. the way she tries to look older, to like celebrities fanatically, the way she hopes that everything goes right. It kind of reminds me that, she was the 6th grade version of me. and it's okay. it's okay to be enthusiastic. and she's in a great age to be enthusiastic. and I don't think I am, being a 16 years old girl is perfect for that kind of enthusiastic attitude. well my conclusion is, that I won't be acting like a crazy fan girl chasing for your attention anymore, or your tight shoelace trying to not let you go. you are only a human. and so am I. I'm no longer miserable anymore. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"If memory was heaven, this must be hell" 
- Juliet, in America by Land

Meet the rabbit.

Hello. happy ramadhan! my name is agent collage 101. I was made of papers in magazine that were ripped off by fidy. she was totally mental and insomniac and upset when she made me. that's why my eye looks quiet angry and fierce. she couldn't sleep yesterday morning at around 4 am, and she decided to make me. and now here I am stuck in the scanner and wait for fidy to stick me in to her pink folder again. 

the story that never ends..

I prayed to God that night after we met. I begged Him to not make you disappoint me. And perhaps, you did pray too that night, and begged Him to let you disappoint me. Well I guess you got what you wanted. and I know that my feelings were never considered as your business... But I expected you, to at least care, but turned out that you didn't. and the problem is, it doesn't matter whether you did care or you really didn't, because it's always seemed like that you didn't. but I keep expecting that maybe someday you would, but the other side I know that you wouldn't. And somehow, I just can't stop expecting, when there's nothing to expect anymore. 

"Still everyday I think about you
I know for a fact that’s not your problem
But if you change your mind you’ll find me"

Messing with pictures in magazine

when it comes to boredom, everything happens. the truth is, I love messing with pictures. that one above is a picture of Hayden Panittiere, the actress who played scream4, and Heroes. well she obviously looks like a transsexual in that picture above. and why oh deer? because the branches make her look like a deer. so yeah. does that even make sense? 
another picture I messed... this is from Nylon Indonesia last year edition. both pics are from Nylon Indonesia last year edition. but I don't remember what month, they both were published. so that collage above, shows a girl who's jealous of another girl because she gets the guy. nothing personal with this picture, really. it was just this random idea. nothing from the core. I mean you know, when it comes to boredom... everything happens :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Singapore Part one.

I just had the greatest vacation getaway in my entire life. ahem, exaggerattion. But seriously, it was just too great. Singapore seems to be very different from Jakarta. I would love to spend the whole vacation just to get lost in the MRT. It was quiet a gift that I could visit that awesome city for five days. I joined this summer camp program from the MEA. and I had this marvelous homestay in those 5 days.

I left jakarta on Monday, July 2 2012. the plane left at 7:20 I guess. They placed me a seat between these two men. they were quiet. and I did not talk to them at all. they were like, apathy. oh my god, just kidding. In singapore, 4 of the participants had to stay with my host family, included me. me and my friend farah had to stay with this family who live in Yishun, while the others stayed in this Parc Sovereign hotel in Little India. I stayed in Shi Lei's house. she was my big sister for 5 days.
I got into the group C. we had farah (the onw who wears the veil in <- this picture), and then we had tabina, the one with the skirt, me, the girl with a cap, kevin, the boy with long black jeans, and rama, the guy without a cap. eventually, our group was chosen as the best group since we just got there. and it was amazing. they gave this notepad from universal studio.

the boys, kevin and rama had to stay with this indian boy named Madavan, based what I've heard from them, Madavan was fun and nice. so was Shi Lei.

when we got there, we had to carry our luggages around MRT station. it was quiet weird because people were staring at us like, what the hell are those indonesian kids doing? so it was pretty embarrassing.

Mr. donda, our facilitator gave us this task where we had to take photos in certain MRT stations. and we did. and we didn't get lost at all, thanks to Rama. Rama likes to travel alone, he could've gotten lost but he didn't. doh-_-. you really have to keep your eyes on him or else he'd be gone in five seconds. but fortunately, rama had always given us correct ways of getting the stations so we didn't get lost at all.  

singaporeans would speak english. but they have their own accent. and the elders barely speak english, so you better try to learn chinese when you meet a chinese grandpa in singapore.

the picture above was taken in this town council near Yishun. and this pic next to this sentence is a pic of rama, travelling in front of us, alone. he had no idea where he was heading to, oh my god-_-. and erm, i didn't catch any traffic jam during my time in there. it would be like miracle in jakarta. at least, in jakarta, I have to get stuck in traffic jam one hour a day. but in singapore, nah none. it's probably because the country is that small, or maybe it's because of the super fast MRT they have there.

Man, i'm looking forward a huge revolution for this city. and then this country. but I am not into politics and shits. so yeah i think we should figure another way out.

roads in singapore usually have 3 lanes. but I didn't see a huge ass amount of vehicles operating. i think that's another reason why singapore seems so anti-trafficjam. in our second day, we went to science center, public library and also snow city. the science center is like museum iptek, here in jakarta. and no shits, singapore science center was better than museum iptek in jakarta. no patriotism bullshits, everything was better than what we have in jakarta. no bullshits. 

  <- that's me in the bus terminal, in our second day. it was taken in the morning so I looked pretty neat still. and oh, before we leave to public library, Shi lei and her mom took us to this town council near our home. you can see that in that pervious pic.
And then we took the MRT, me and the MEA participants, and we headed to public library in Juurong. I didn't take any pictures of anything in there. I was afraid they would forbid me and take my camera away and concern about me being a pirating bitch. so yeah, I didn't take any pics in there. what a pity, I should've just given it a try doh. 
 after writing a book summary, we finally left the public library and we headed to this food court and we had lunch there. I had this tasty nasi lemak and fried chicken and trimmed soybean cakes for lunch. it's like, nasi uduk set in jakarta. it was dope. oh yeah nasi lemak. here's the pic of nasi lemak... ->

after lunch, we headed to science center nearby the food court. I thought it was all about "you must understand what eintstein's way of thinking" kind of place, but it wasn't. 

-> this is another picture of me. it was taken in the science center, in the earth section. i was standing in front of this entrance of this mini volcano. i didn't really read the facts. omg haha. I was just pushing available buttons in many exhibits there. I got into social faculty, for god's sake. can i just get rid off science forever? hahahaha.  No fidy you can't, because science is just absolute and you can not mess with it. hah. talk to my bon bon ahahahaha.  

Hold on, I am lazy to type, this often happens when I don't know what to write about anymore. I have to think for several minutes. bwaahah.

to be continued


Captured by my sister's i-pod
 Oh sorry for not sparing my time for blogging, folks.
 I got a haircut before leaving to singapore. it looks pretty weird, I kinda look like a mushroom head now oh my god-_-. anyways I love it short though. I really do. JOKES. I love it long. I have quiet many of split ends, so I had to cut it. I didn't plan to trim my hair like that. this hairstrylist said that she wanted to add some layer-trim which would've  looked good on me. oh yeah sure. when I left the salon, I looked uber good. now it's blah. I look like a mushroomhead doh. I hope it'll be long enough on november as I have been planning to attend jakarta fashion week. anyways. yayski. feliz vaccaciones.