Saturday, July 7, 2012


Captured by my sister's i-pod
 Oh sorry for not sparing my time for blogging, folks.
 I got a haircut before leaving to singapore. it looks pretty weird, I kinda look like a mushroom head now oh my god-_-. anyways I love it short though. I really do. JOKES. I love it long. I have quiet many of split ends, so I had to cut it. I didn't plan to trim my hair like that. this hairstrylist said that she wanted to add some layer-trim which would've  looked good on me. oh yeah sure. when I left the salon, I looked uber good. now it's blah. I look like a mushroomhead doh. I hope it'll be long enough on november as I have been planning to attend jakarta fashion week. anyways. yayski. feliz vaccaciones.

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