Sunday, December 8, 2013

Art Generation

Waktu itu gue lagi diskusi tentang bidang-bidang pekerjaan. Om gue nyaranin kalo gue masuk FSRD aja. Waktu itu gue masih SD, lupa kelas berapa. Kelas empat atau lima mungkin. Om gue bilang, kalo generasi gue bakalan jadi generasi seni, dimana seni itu bakalan jadi hal yang eksklusif di generasi gue. He was right. Look around you now. Anak-anak muda banyak yang bingung bagaimana membalas pesan singkat. Padahal cuma pesan singkat, loh. Tapi anak-anak muda mementingkan tata bahasa mereka saat ini. Sebelum makan, di foto. Dateng ke clubbing, harus foto. Kakek meninggal difoto dulu. Anak-anak sekarang melabelkan diri mereka sendiri sebagai hipsters karena ngebet keliatan keren dalam penampilan. Gue bangga, seni itu dijunjung tinggi banget di generasi gue. I think that's why weird things happen to us a lot. We're really... distinctive.

Deep Disappointment
I have just finished with my final exam week. It's like a fashion week, but it's not fun at all, it's depressing. It's been a busy week, not an enjoyable one. I stuttered in various exams. I cheated during various exams, I swear I would do anything, anything to make me pass all the exam. So far, I have failed 3 exams; english, math, and geography. All I can do is inhale air right now. Honestly, If I were rich, I would've paid all my teachers and my headmaster to just, make me graduate with decent scores. Honestly, I don't think I can afford to accept the system of this life anymore. Who gives a damn fuck about Matrix and Linear Equation? Do I look like a hardcore scientist, maam? Inhale. Exhale. But I'm not rich. I just gotta stick with the system.
During math exam, my room was being watched by this counselor. She didn't give any chance for us to cheat. But this another room was being watched by a nice teacher so most of the students got 90 in math. School is a big fat liar. Only dummies would wanna be honest inside it. I mean try to be in my position. Can you, old woman, can you solve matrix problems? No you're old, you're a counselor. So why won't you be tolerant.... I feel like, killing dummies like her in my school now. 


People who always give, who refuse to take... They could be the strongest kind. Chasing happiness, wanting to reach their goals, but not accepting donations, nor helps. You see, when it comes to love, and the urge to be in a beautiful infatuation, this kind of people they would rather to love someone, than being loved by someone. Somehow, what we've been urging for, end up with what we've refused before. Karma, they say. 

Communicate Mr. Keats

Two months ago, I watched a movie, Bright Star. It's a movie about John Keats, an English poetry writer. One line of one of his poem, "Ode to a Nightingale", the line said "But being too happy in thine happiness."
I think it's, really magnificent, being able to be too happy in someone's happiness. It can be meant as a sincerity, one feeling I rarely feel. Being too happy in thine happiness. Being too happy in thine happiness.