Sunday, October 21, 2012


Bon soir. In every possibility I believe, some of them lead me to the thought of failures. so whether I am going to work it out, or lose it all, who cares, who knows. In this situation, seems like "trying my best" can actually give myself a satisfaction. which is really unnecessary. but still... Now it seems like, I barely give a tiny shit to people as they wouldn't give an atom-sized shit to me. I am trying to get rid off my sympathetic emotion that eventually leads me to a self-devastation. why bother, caring and irrationally asking, if people really love you, if people really are about you, when you aren't even happy with their affection. Didn't mean to be an ungrateful bitch, but I really wish that I could be happier. 
Au revoir 


Anonymous said...

Those are artistic blog posts Fidy. You know, I used to secretly read your blog posts once awhile sometime ago. I also had a blog which was on Xanga where I posted crazy stuff on, haha.
Fidy, I wonder...can you hear the birds sometimes when you get up in the morning? :)

Fidy said...

of course I can hear the birds when I get up

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