Monday, February 27, 2012

Creamy sky right now.

I'm happy you visit my blog dear nintendo user. I want to write a lot about you but I'm afraid you'll get conceited and know that I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much. hehe. yesterday was awesome... love,drama, anger, sorrow. you got me having eyebags in the morning and stuffy nose while i was asleep. You are a very berry great friend to me. you're THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS fucking awesome. I love experiencing everything with you. adehhhh hahahaha. Thanks for being here all this time, steven. You've been here since the first time I got mocked in school safe patrol organization until.. I got mocked in these other organizations. you're still here <3. you're still here talking to me, listening to my stories... even stories about my grandparents' turtle and  my bunny doll. you even listen to my lame jokes. oh god that is fatal. hahaha my lame jokes...are lame. And I love you for that. Te amo bien mucho. Te amo tanto. 

- And if, I am fated to hold your hands next year, don't ever let me go.
(p.s: creamy sky a.k.a hotass asdfghjkl jakarta weather and I haven't showered. aw yeah)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grizzly bear,
I miss you. 

Mini Vacation

The past two days, me and my family were out of town, staying in this mini hilly resort called "Green Valley" in West Java. The only purpose of being out of town, and staying in that resort was a quick refreshment from a stressing life in Jakarta. West Java has awesome, fresh air. The place feels humid, like a tropical humid forest. 
We left Jakarta at around 8 am, and arrived  at the location at around 12 pm or so. we arrived late cause my mom was very choosy of restaurants. and besides, west java has "one way" system that stops the other way. so we were stopped for about 1 hour in the traffic. 
What I do in the resort is not much. I mostly sleep and eat, and also chat with steven. "From the moment I wake to the moment I sleep... I'll be here by your side..." aww yeah. I went biking around the resort the next day, and also played billiard with my siblings. 
The Next afternoon, we went to this national park near the resort. it was beautiful there. we were going to reach the top of the mountain, but our car had some problems so we didn't reach the top. what a pity! 
Best mini vacation ever. Best getaway. The best weekend of my life.

A Name In a Hollow Cloud

Write a name in a hollow cloud
Eyes were blind but the heart spoke
Who grazes to the meadow and finds the gold
Who paints a story on skin of a bloke

Or who licks the taste of the wind
Or who looks something that'll mean
Or who steals the joy of a pure grin
Or who eventually wins...

Write a name in a hollow cloud
Sink a little more in a devoured vowed
Hope appears with a head bowed
Hide what's written in a hollow cloud.

Personal; February 23rd 2012

The balloons are gone
Leaving a big scar of a lonesome
Life as you say will go on
Is not moving when times have come

Shall I survive the chaos
I'm being ugly to the utmost
Living by expecting the odds
Makes me see the past unfold
So I haven't been blogging as often as I used to blog here. 
I have been pretty much, giving a little more attention to school, and been also trying to focus on school activities. Things are pretty much the same... I am sixteen years young now. Next year I'll be seventeen, and will be playing GTA till my playstation crash! hahahahaha 
Take care people
I love you. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Doggy ~

Stay Skinny.

So I've been snacking my grandfather's diabetes cookies. ahahhaha. my aunt delivers it routinely. since he doesn't like cookies that much, my grandma gave the whole cookies to moi. just so you know, it's very berry low in fat kay? and you can always stay skinny while snacking it the wholeeeee damn time. I haven't asked my aunt what she's been sending, but I recommend you, to snack low fat cookies instead. and look it up around diabetes aisle in your favorite.. supermarket;)

Drama in your pocket.

Well "drama" started firstly in those books. how your emotions start to take over your sanity, it all happened in stories. fictional ones. and then drama started to develop into a play, so people would see it... clearly, and interpret their emotion easily. and then drama began to take over the visual media... through tv, cinema, etc so people can see them repeatedly.
However, as the technology develops some more... people start to absorb the exaggerated actions in drama to themselves. in my nation, In indonesia.. people who are being so dramatic... we call them lebay. lebay. lebih. they're just so full of exaggerated bullshits. and this lebayism, is kind of... contagious. spreading all over the world. even the "text-messaging world"
Now my nation is infected by this massive blackberry fever. people seem like.. they have to own one, or like own a cellphone that's blackberry-alike. anyways... this lebayism, is infecting Blackberry Messenger world also. it's getting on my nerves now. "Oh my god, he didn't reply my message! he only read it! oh my god he hates me!" Oh my God, why are people acting like Giselle plus Julliet plus gay pedo lolita in these days? 
Think, positively. Be real.
It's your cell phone. You take over its system. don't let it take over your system, especially your brain; where your sanity is. :)


Take a deep breath.
You might throw your breakfast out of your mouth and get a massive heart attack, fid. Everything was almost perfect in the beginning, now it's just a trashing piece of shit. it makes you hope until you step out of your sanity, dear expectation, why bother expecting? hopelessly waiting? being all broken down and depressed? why though, why keep happening? me, expecting good things... turn out into very bad, annoying piece of dinosaur poops. It's so not fair, I think. Seeing back to the first time, remembering how it started and then look how it ended it's just so... frustrating. It's like, I was writing a perfect story, then reality ruins my pages, and turn it around, like... taking over my aspiration. it's bullshit. Why can't it just work one time, yeah? Be fucking friendly for once, kay mate?