Sunday, December 17, 2017


It's different, really. It's not like waiting could help. They're within me, trapped right under my skin, his beating heart, his voice, and his smile. Sometimes, I wonder to whom I should I ask for. To hear that voice once again, or to see that smile, or to even see the being, standing there, even from the distance. 

The Distance

There was a girl I once knew. She was smart.]She was someone I wanted to be: someone who's brave, who's confident. One day I heard, she had gotten married to a man whose name I haven't heard before.

The last thing I know, he placed a distance upon us.
I knew I should have not kept my distance. I would see her through social media, wearing all white, joining one of those God Fans Clubs.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The thing is,
They've all gone.
Words by words I've remembered
Have fallen deep into oblivion.

I fear that I will never remember them again

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Relationship: The Concept

noun: concept; plural noun: concepts
  1. an abstract idea; a general notion.

I once watched a Xavier Dolan's movie, it's called "Les Amours Imaginaires". In English it's called "Heartbeats". It's a story about 3 young people stuck in a "imaginary" love triangle. Between the stories of these 3 young people, there are documentary shots about real-life relationship failures opinions. One of the women said, "It's the concept you love. You love the concept more than him".

Of course I understood right away what she meant.
Apparently, now that I'm preparing for my thesis. Everything in my daily-basis must be based on a scientific concept. Like, when writing a thesis (though I'm just writing an undergraduate thesis) you must stick to one scientific method. If you want to stick to it, you must understand the definition, its variables, the whole concept! And then you start to choose your paradigm in your research, you must understand the concept of the paradigm itself, and you must understand the concept of your own research topic. Concept nearly highlights everything. It's okay to understand the concept.

But must we really stick with it all the time?