Saturday, February 10, 2018

Days during my Internship at CLARA Magazine

My artwork, featured on CLARA Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue
I have always been intimidated by luxurious fashion stores. I don't even have the money to afford anything there! but this internship made me enter Fendi. This internship made me almost touch Prada shoes. Yes, this internship also made me enter Calvin Klein stores and we could choose anything we wanted --- well it was the stylist's choice, not mine. But I still could watch!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

P/L feb.2018

Room 243: Interior Photography Project

Hello again everyone! It might be too late to writethis post, because it's done in December 2017 or maybe late November? Back in the days, I was suddenly interested in interior photography because I spent too much time on Pinterest learning about still life contemporary photography. What I love about interior photography, well still life contemporary interior photography is that as you can see, it feels like the room is talking, or the furniture is talking. It feels like bringing the shapes, the shadows, the textures, to life. I think that's why it's called "still life".

One day, my friend called and she asked for my help to shoot an apartment located in Bandung for their airbnb website. I was thrilled because it was my first time ever shooting an interior. So I was very excited. When I got there, the apartment was so neat, it was clean kinfolk kind of apartment (if you know what I mean), the shades were black and white (mainly). I'm gonna add caption so that I can show you how contemporary still life photography seems to be talking to you. So here are what I captured (dominantly my best shots). *still learning here