Sunday, December 25, 2016


The touch can wither, and leave farther and farther, until it gets so sick of being tied with inexplicable kidnapping. Frantic, frantic, frantic, and angry in the end she felt. She's hiding behind the white walls surrounded by the white cloud, full of memories and dreams that can not be brought away, ever, again. In this very age, for the love of life, and for Mr. Cunningham's sake, I've chosen to do what I love. So I did my tasks with what I love. It's the most important thing, even nobody agrees. To do what I love, is to be free from all this... self-kidnapping.


She longs for the warmth of the rain, the ache of her collar bones, and the silent conversation she had with the cloudy sky. She had nothing, nothing at all but a whole package of flaws, which she would cherish. She spoke in binary and he patiently interpreted.

He said, "You know what you want, but you don't do it." clearly in Indonesian. It means, "Kamu tau apa yang kamu mau, tapi gak kamu lakuin."

His words were as simple as, a bucket of black paint drips on an empty canvas, and abstractly made it a masterpiece full of anger. She had through a lot of understanding.

Sometimes you can not resist gravity. You do realize that, right? Money, fame, money, reputation, money, are indeed a part of gravity. We follow the path of it, we get lost in the end; lost in a safe place but, inconvenient. How many times should that woman realize she's been going around chasing her tail, hypnotized by the gravity she's lost in.

What about the love of the past,
and the music, and the poems, and the stories, and the sincere thoughts, and the kind heart.

She's lost again now until he said, "You know what you want, but you don't do it."