Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Social faculty

I got accepted into social faculty. yay. no more physics, chemistry and biology. yay. well I am still gonna miss biology a lot, like a damn lot. but i don't know about physics and chemistry according to failures I have made in those atrocious subjects.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Money, Y U NO EASY?

Give it money for them who need it, money for this, money for that. where is the money for me? money. money. money. I can go to hell of craziness if  my money can never be just enough for me. money, money. mon mon. money. i'm so fucking crazy. deadly crazy right now


This is another collage I have made since "separation" one a long ago. this is quiet random, dare I say. I was walking on the street, I was on my way home, and I took several glances on the trees, and I started to remember this belief of Indonesian people, that ghosts live up there, in the trees. this idea gave me this inspiration of painting ghosts in papers, and stick them in a catalogue picture. I got the whole miu miu picture from NYLON Magazine Indonesia, I actually messed with the model's appearance by adding that "crown"-looking headband, and that thing covering her eyes, and I kind of made her looking quiet silly by adding that animal printed suspenders, and flannel-based fabric bracelet, and a big rectangle ring. that's actually quet a mess. but well, that's what I wanted to do, and it looks pretty retro, doesn't it? it does. yay. so good for me and my collage. I have been thinking to create a new one during this school vacation, so yeah. I'm hoping that I will get many inspirations as I have been gaining many spare times and great sleeps :) au revoir.. have a great day everyone!

Bad Thoughts.

If only, I could run away with this person I love, to the edge of the earth, builid a wooden house, if only beer wouldn't burn your stomach, and if only vodka could be our blanket in the winter, who would not steal them? if, I could make LSD or form MDMA and just swing away in acoustic music, in a breezy, wooden room, with only this person I love, who would wanna miss that? If, I could grow marijuana in my backyard, and harvest it with this person I love, who would want to refuse that? If only, these bad thoughts were good... I don't know where else I would be.

Monday, June 18, 2012

For the lies you have told me
To play your game shall I be sorry
When I see you there being lonely
Alas, you stifile me without guilty

As I bury the animosity
of mine deep down the sea
Soon shall I keep my little pity
To crush the soul of the hateful thee 

Unnecessary people.

This looks very frustrating right now; throwing up my anger through this keyboard and these pictures. There are people in my life that I presume not necessary to be here, in earth. Well I really, honestly, don't expect to see you, dear people I hate in my life at all. I've been thinking, why don't you die? I, have never attempted to interfere your life by any possible way. how come you, always try to ruin my plans? my beautiful perfect-made plans. Do you know how many cells have worked to form those beautiful plans? and how long it took me to make them think and produce my beautiful, beautiful plans? what the freaking hell do you want from my poor tragic life? my loyalty? like you people are some kind of duplicates of the monarch-obsessed Adolph Hitler? I really want you, dear people I hate, to just ceasefire your attack. take a break. go to hell and rot in there. or just, go away. stop bugging me.
"I can't even feel right. Like I don't know if I'm supposed to whether be sad, scared, angry or just feel all of them combined. I just want to sleep the tragedy away. Once again, I'm a big disappointment to those people who believed in me.
Well hello again. It's been a long time since the last time I blogged. I was busy with these whole final exam things, and also I have been busy trying to do many, many assignments to improve my grades. well it's been quiet exhausting. But I am frankly, doing okay. except the sore body part. I just got home from West Java today, I spent my sunday in this hot spring resort in Ciater. And also, I'm having this muscle-pain beause this techinal dance rehearsal I had on Sunday morning.. Well most of all, I just want to wish you, dear readers, to have a great vacation this year!