Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt1

I have planned on going to Fashion's Night Out in Kuningan City months ago. It was a summer edition. I have received the invitation, but on the Day D, I had to visit my great grandma, I had to go out of town. So I missed it. It was such a disappointment for me, having my plans tore down suddenly.
But you know, every sacrificial comes with a price.
One day I was visiting Kuningan City with my family, and I saw this announcement about Fashion's Night Out Autumn Edition. And I thought, jeez I really should come. I meant, I must. I told my partner in crime, Qya, whom I often go to public events with about it. And then she found out there was a quiz to get the invitation to the party. And I joined it. And thankfully, I won.
When they mentioned my username on their tweet. My heart was like.. beating so fast, and then I couldn't help screaming. I felt like somebody just pushed my mood up. It was thursday and earlier that day,I wasinformed that I had failed 2 subjects; Bahasa Indonesia and tech studies. So when I was informed that I got the invitation, I went crazy like a fan girl.and I immediately told Qya that we could go to rhe party the next day. 
I didn't only get the invitation, but I also got this awesome t-shirt, so Thanks super a lot toKuningan City for the gifts. On friday afternoon, I went to Kuningan City to get my invitation.I was informed that the party was going to be held in Exodus dining, at 7 pm. the dresscode demanded black and silver colors, with the touch of red. I was thinking about this silver tanktop and this black skirt I had. I was thinking to polish my nails with red, but I didn't get much time on friday night, so I just used this red lipstick.
There was nothing I could think of but that Fashion's Night Out. I was beyond excited.

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