Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion's Night Out; Autumn Edition pt2

Me and Rio Dewanto
Me and Mike Lewis

Dear readers, I've been trying to blog since yesterday, but I've no personal notebook, and this current notebook I am currently using has this.... battery problems.. So yeah so much reasons to procrastinate. My sister told me, "Your blog posts late articles. Such a shame." Pft, I mean really,if I had a super awesome notebook, I wouldn't even be late to post things in my blog.
I am actually, still speechless, remembering that I was even there. I mean, that was such 100 percents luck for me. Sometimes, I would still smile out of nowhere, remembering mon bel ami. Le bel ami. I made this nickname to this guy whom I met in Exodus. Le bel ami. Beautiful friend(friend as in a guy friend). He looked really beautiful, I could've fallen in love with him.

Ah okay, so based on the invitation, the event would be held at 7 pm. I immediately came to Exodus at 6:30 pm just in case we had to wait in lines. When we arrived there, Qya and I saw beautiful beautiful male models were resting outside the venue. I repeat, male models. I was like, okay, where are we exactly? the models were like, male version of angels. Damn they looked so beautiful. 

We entered Exodus Dining. And we saw Marissa Nasution, Mike Lewis, Robby Purba, and Rio Dewanto were being given a briefing about the event. and after they finished having that meeting, I collected my guts to finally talk to Mike and Rio, and ask them if I can take pictures with them. They were being so nice, they were like, "Okay sure..." and I asked this waiter to take the pictures. I was very grateful that he was there helping me. Thank you mas pelayan.

This event began with a welcoming dance from these dancers. They were dancing Ne-Yo style with a bit of attractions of breakdance tricks on the runway. I was pretty shocked, yet I was quiet aware of the possibility that they might fall on the runway. I mean models, they walk, they could fall. Pft, imagine doing a breakdance on a runway! wow.  Just speechless.
After the dancers finished dancing, suddenly these models walked on the runway as an opening fashion show.
My heart became more hysterical than my face cause I had to you know keep my image. I sat in the front line on the left side of the runway so I could see the collections and the models pretty clearly.
And then Marissa Nasution showed up on the stage and introducing all the host for that night. The hosts showed up and did a catwalk. Oh I forgot to tell you that this autumn edition was a men edition so the models were all male, so were the hosts and the collections.
And then the ceo of Kuningan city came up to the stage and gave a little welcoming speech, followed by a toast. The guests were told to stand up, and hail raise their glasses. and the CEO officially opened the party by raising his glass and said, "enjoy the party!". Everybody clapped and sat down, and Marissa declared that the collections were ready to be shown.
to be continued....

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