Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Dress The Same

Captured from Lookbook Indonesia's Instagram

First of all, no offense. I'm not trying to tell people how to dress these days. But I've just realized that people have been quite obsessed with the black and white trend. Some end up gothic, some end up chic, some end up grunge, and some end up with other impressions. It depends on their accessories and their make up and their hairstyle. But seriously, people have been dressing really similar to each other. I don't know since when this whole black and white trend showed up, but I think we really need some inspirations.

Once upon a time, Bill Cunningham approached Iris Apfel and said, "Thank God, you're here. Everybody looks the same." this, we can conclude that being different is really precious. 
Paris Fashion Week 2015 Street Style src:

I know that there might be similar references that people took, according to the little number of designers in Indonesia. I mean, there are plenty of designers, but they barely design casuals. They design wedding dresses, Kebaya, and stuff, but they don't really design casuals. 

I captured the search engine result for street style in various cities across the world. Paris fashion week street style looks like paris. The elegance, daring, but still stunning. And they aren't dressing the same. They are aware that there are many kinds of clothing. There are many kinds of skirt, there are many kinds of pants, there are many kinds of blazers, many kinds of dress, so they won't be dressing similar to each other. 
Tokyo Fashion Week 2015 Street Style src:

Now we are talking about Tokyo. Tokyo is much more daring, probably the most daring. People dress like they actually have nothing to worry about. People's opinions and stuff, they barely care about it. Some can be quite extreme, actually. But some can be really impressive. Some people, especially fashion police, they might not like it. But fashion has no limitation, right?
Milan Fashion Week 2015 Street Style src:
Milan can be interesting too. They aren't as daring as Tokyo, less daring than Paris, but stay stunning. Milan people look classic, like they brought the history of their city in their outfit. But they're never out of inspiration. 

I honestly, I don't know how to dress myself. Which style that I'm classified in, but, I'm actually trying to find out. I used to like the black and white minimalist style that is rampant in the cities right now, but I decided not to like them anymore cause they make me look like them, not like myself. I actually have some things to like... I like my boyfriend's outfits, he dresses like Kurt Cobain. I find it cool. I like POLO new collection, that vintage tennis one, I like how people dress in Coachella, yup. But for now, I probably stick to the kind of clothing that fits me with comfort. 

We might have little options of reference, but the earth is so big and we are so small, but we have connection that's larger, right? start looking!

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