Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Elephant Magazine's Website.
Based on the post that I wrote above, I found some really cool magazines that might actually set the new perspective, instead of following the typical -Black and White-Outfit of the Day- style. I don't know about other countries, but that black and white ootd style is really rampant in Indonesia, including its capital city, Jakarta, and Bandung, according to my observation.

I found these magazines at Bookstore when I was wandering around. I could not afford to buy the magazines but I could show you the websites which have blogs about the featuring topics in the magazine.

1. Elephant

I don't know why they named it Elephant, maybe it's trying to make different sound and impression. This magazine is an art culture magazine that's quarterly published. Elephant was founded in 2009. They publish in April, July, October, and January. They provide various contemporary art inspiration that might actually change your point of view.
 The current talks about Post-Internet art. We can see that people have been quite artsy these days. My uncle told me that this is the real art generation where people actually give a lot of fucks for many kinds of appearance. People care about how they food look like, they care about how their text sounds like, they care about how their language sounds like. People nowadays actually give a lot of fucks about the aesthetics in every object. This issue will talk about how art post internet would look like.

2. Indie "The Independent Style Magazine"

Homepage of
The second magazine that I'm recommending is Indie magazine. Just like the title, Indie, You can imagine. Some people these days have claimed that their style is indie, but they actually absorbed it from another style that people might've liked before.

This is the kind of magazine that does anything they want. They want rainbows and they will let the rain pour and the cloud darkens,
The way they put it all together looks really cool in a certain way. some looks might be presumed as quirky looks, if some of you don't like the quirks. But it's actually really cool. The urge to be different makes this magazine stays independent.

3. Lula Magazine

This is actually a real life vintage magazine. Lula is a british magazine that's publishing their 20th issue now. Lula magazine is not that vintage, not as vintage as gatsby 1920 style. But it's still vintage. You can find many inspirations in this magazine.
Unfortunately, they don't share blogs on their website. But you can obtain inspirartions from their instagram and their twitter. Good times, old times, right?

So yeah these are some references that might inspire your thoughts about what to choose in your wardrobe. Start choosing different things folks!

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