Monday, June 6, 2016

Doesn't Make You Social

Instagram Girl
Hello, I finally got the chance to arrange a wedding last saturday. It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of people's once in a lifetime experience. I was assigned as the Liason Officer for the photographers but I ended being a photographer after all.

It was one fine evening until I saw this family. I was sitting with my friend, Edo. We talked about how the wedding going swell and stuff. And suddenly, this little girl sat on a chair in front of us and grabbed a bread knife. She was dark brown tanned while her mom and sister were white with yellow hair. Her brother was also brown skinned but he was enjoying himself. Indonesian think that brown skin isn't as beautiful as white skin. I guess she wasn't really confident of her appearance.

In the other side, her big sister whose hair was yellow, she kept asking her little sister to take pictures for her. She told her, "Hurry take a picture of me." the little girl reluctantly took pictures of her sister. But then the older one kind of scolded her. She said "Would you even be more helpful? Look mom she's not doing it right. You should count to three then click the button."

So the little girl agreed and counted to three. But this time, she held that knife with her mouth. Edo and I were shocked to see that. That girl, then started to rub that knife on her tongue and her upper palate. Seeing her little sister doing that, that yellow haired bitch went on scolding, "Seriously? why would you do that?"

But she kept asking her little sister to take pictures of her. She asked her to take one for her instagram, for her snapchat, and phhhoto. I mean that girl didn't stop rubbing that fucking knife and she didn't even care. Well I know that the knife wasn't sharp and wouldn't hurt her, but that girl is showing a self-harm action. Come on! You should know that,

"Having a social media, doesn't make you social."

What pissed me off the most is when that yellow haired bitch asked her parents and brother to take a picture together, saying that they're now "full team" and she freaking told her little sister to take a pic of them. Wow, I mean, come on. How many followers do you even have, huh? 1 billions? And Do you still think that your sister is worth less than them?
Seeing that horrible phenomena, I started to joke around with that little girl, asking her if she wants me to take a photo of her. She didn't say anything though. She was still rubbing that knife on her mouth palete and her tongue.

It's like, the silliest thing I've ever seen. I don't know about other countries, but Indonesian people are quite self-centered with this whole virtual satisfaction.

Yup, we have encountered this kind of thing before. Like, when we're holding a surprise party, and everybody's busy with their snapchats, or when we're hiking a mountain, and people would be so anxious if they didn't get such a good picture. I mean it's fine, if photography is your hobby. But it seems like taking pictures isn't about the art of photography anymore. It's more about the likes you get, the followers you gain. Then what?

This whole fake popularity and this whole fake joy you obtained from the likes and the so called love from your followers make you forget about your surroundings. What if that little girl commits suicide? Do those likes heal your sadness? Do those followers bring her back?

Social Media don't make you social, they only help you connect.
They only help you connect.

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