Sunday, June 5, 2016

Digital Activation

instagram: maknasekata
Instagram: fotografikampus
Here's what I've been doing for these past months since I last posted a writing to this blog. I've been helping my friends to get their brand digitally activated. And so far, I've been responsible to handle instagram. 

1. Maknasekata

Maknasekata is an account created by my friend, Tito. With a little help from me, we daily post an Indonesian word that's unusually used. Indonesians, including me, would rather to speak in English. Some of them even have such a proud feeling when talking in English. Tito and I are preventing Bahasa Indonesia to be the next Latin Language (Which is now, extinct, and only being used for naming scientific stuffs). Besides words, we also post Indonesian movie and book quotes.

2. Fotografi Kampus
Fotografi Kampus (FOKUS) is a photography club which I joined in my campus. In this one particular case, I handle not only instagram, but also Official Line Account, and the website. We post things about photography, from quotes, events, until the popular photos of very talented photographers. 

3. Solace

Solace is an Indonesian music group. My friend Rubina, takes part as the vocalist, and they were launching their new single on itunes back then. So I helped her out with their digital activation. It was fun, actually. Because she let me explore my weird art. 

3. Mind-set Creative Project

Mind-Set Creative Project (instagram: mindset.project)  is an event organizer that handles your special events, from birthday, gathering, dinner, anniversary, to wedding. I also take part of this EO as a co-founder. I also handle the contents of our social media as a graphic designer and photographer.

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