Thursday, November 7, 2013

Botanical Garden Pt2

No dude, I didn't just take photos of the scenery, I also had taken pictures of me, in locations I found really interesting. Damn, somehow I would feel like I was in europe. 
The tall trees made me imagine like, I was in a suburban area in Hampshire, or I don't know... Leipzig. Besides, the leaves were falling, reminded me of autumn. Really. It was not as cold as you'd expect. It was.. warm. It wasn't windy at all when I was there. But yeah...
There were also cactus sellers. There was even this hothouse for special cactus treatment.So instead of growing flowers, this hothouse grew cactus instead. See, you could feel like you were in Nevada! 

After visiting the Botanical Garden, the massive traffic jam occurred. We were stuck there, in a mountain-ish road. We felt bored so we stopped by in this little restaurant to eat and pee. The restaurant served well foods...Goat and chicken satay... poffertjes (although the menu said "pupercise" haha) there was also... bansus, bandrek susu... this milky ginger drink.AH. They tasted great. All I needed was a guitar, it was the kind of trip I'd dream about... The restaurant had this view of this valley... I asked the waiter if we could actually enter the valley, and he showed us the way... And tada. These 2 pictures above, are the pictures of the valley. The restaurant is located up above.

I felt so relaxed, and happy that day. Thanks to my mom, my dad, my bro, my sister who were all excited to go there. I love you guys.

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