Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dolan's CInematography

Meet Xavier, Xavier Dolan. He's not just an actor, he's a movie director and also a movie editor. I knew him from this movie, "J'ai tue ma mere" which means " I killed my mother". It's a movie spoken in french. Xavier himself is french-canadian. And I fell in love with how he made his films beautiful. The mise en scene, he seems to take this really seriously. From the colors, the expression, lighting, the background, foreground, with the music, they're all perfectly relevant, and creative, yet still new. His ideas seem new to me. That's why I am so astounded with his cinematography creations. Here are shots from his movies that I found really really amazing.

Falling Marshmallows From the movie "Heartbeats"
Dripping Scene from the movie "J'ai tue ma mere". This Scene is actually an anal sex scene, Dolan was doing this painting technique called "dripping" with his boyfriend and they ended up having sex after. So yeah 18+ guys.

Crying mother from the movie "J'ai tue ma mere". This shot is really stressing me out. It got me thinking that, you can never have it all. The um. what do they call it, the sisterly costume represents sanctity, the rose represents praise from the people, the clouds represent freedom, like she can do whatever she wants, but that is not enough, something is holding her back. Her son, and she's crying to death to free herself, from her joyful yet painful obligation; being a mother.

This one is actually a symbolic one. Mona Lisa a painting who is believed as a potrait of Da vinci himself, in a version of a girl. This probably shows the intention of Da Vinci to be a woman, a transgender. And that's why "Liberte" which means "Liberty" is written on it, saying that transgender is not a statement of abnormality anymore. VERY DEEP. I KNOW. God, he's a genius. This show was captured from this movie "Laurence Anyways".
Another Shot from "Laurence Anyways"

I love the way he makes the composition relevant to each other, and I love how he put the object right in the center while the background is actually making a frame, with symmetrical borders. They're really beautiful. I heard that he's also one of the juries that is evaluating Festival de Cannes 2015. So yeah, I think he's a genius son of a bitch.

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