Thursday, May 14, 2015

Skins Forever

I am not the kind of person who likes to read or watch something all over again, until I found Skins. I've watched it all over again since the first generation.. Tony's generation until Franky's. My favorite generation will always be James Cook's generation. They've got the best story ever. I found it really really interesting how people were given different problems in the same time, talking about life isn't fair for everybody. There's no main character in here, everybody plays important role to one another. My favorite character here is Effy Stonem, she's this cool goddess, who's secretly depressed. And I love JJ for the guy character because he's autistic and he's so funny. And I love Pandora, also. 

I'm looking forward to TV Series like this... I tried to watch Misfits for one or two seasons, until they kicked Nathan out. And that show turned to shit. This is like, this is one tv program I will always cherish and I will always be excited to watch. Great job channel 4!

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