Saturday, June 28, 2014


Indonesians might try to elongate the word "chill" into "chilly" which means 'cabe' which only Indonesians would know what they're thinking about. I've been feeling chill lately, like chill I haven't been accepted to any university, chill I have just been disappointed by a worthless douchebag, chill my friend is struggling civil war in Syria, chill that my other friends are breaking up and the woman is getting married with another man, chill that Waldo is ignoring me because I just don't grant his "wish". Chill to everything, chill to even hearing that everything's collapsing. chill. chill is a very awesome word. saying, "chill" to myself, to my siblings, my family, to everyone, to animals, chill. It's just very fun to be chill.

I've googled how to make my mood stable. how to be happy most of the time. there are 4 legal things to do to be "chill": No
1. Eat a chocolate, chocolate somehow makes your body release endorphin
2. Work out, that's why i like jumping a lot
3. Eat fruit
4. Eat vegetables

I've been eating chocolates and thinking about chocolates. it makes me smile jus taste it on my tongue, and I release my happiness by jumping around a lot to make me even happier, I also try to eat fruits and veggies after eating the main course. no shit. chocolates make you happy. In the end what I want is to chill, with my headsets on, with these troubled people around me. chill is a very awesome thing to feel. so just be chill everyone.

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