Friday, January 16, 2015

Saudi Arabia

I've been trying to find my interest to write about this, I haven't found it yet, but I'm going to spill it out anyways. I went to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah. Things happened back there, I felt like as if I was actually playing a role in National Geographic's program "Locked Up Abroad". I wouldn't suggest you to visit Saudi Arabia for vacation, cause there is only a small amount of nice hospitality, talking about the least amount of the people's manner. So yeah, I brought myself there, not for vacation, but to look for God.
I had to wear hijab all the time, I was never accustomed to wear hijab. But I did wear it though, and I thought, It would be easier to decide to wear hijab if I had lived in this country. There were many "ninja" women in that country, fully clothed, I don't think I can afford to wear such clothes in Indonesia. 
The question about God, if you ask me whether I found Him or not, I don't think I've found him, but I felt as if he was watching over me. Many things happened and I would like to keep them personally, so I'm not going to expose my spiritual experience in this occasion. But, I'd like to give a message to indonesian muslims who are proud of reading the Quran in arabic without knowing the meanings, I think we have to realize what we should've realized back then. If you know what I mean.

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