About Lebenstraum

This is a blog, it doesn't have any specific blog classification. so it's a not a fashion blog, it's not a diary-type blog, it's not a poetry blog, it's my blog. It's mixed up with everything I like and I hate because I love to write.

The blog title "Lebenstraum". It's actually a german word, german merged-word. Lebenstraum means living the dream. Because I've always wanted to be a writer, like any kinds of writer; a novelist, a poet, a songwriter, a scriptwriter, any kind of writer. But I haven't really got anything published, talking about my never-been-finished novels, my used-to-be-secret poems, and other stuff, so I thought, "Why not living the dream?" maybe if I keep blogging, I will easily obtain inspiration and motivation to be an official writer. So yeah.

I write almost everything here. And there are so many things that could be offensive, but again, free freedom, So enjoy your visit!

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