Monday, September 30, 2013

Candy Lab Market&Museum Report!

Oh Hello people! Talking about what's so out of date is my Candy Lab Market and Museum report. Candy Lab Market and Museum is an event which was held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town from September 6th to September 8th. It's almost October today, and I haven't got the time to blog my mind out recently, so yeah, this is it. 
I went to the event with my mom and my sister, right when we wntered the venue, we saw this gorgeous illustrations, and you know, candy decorations and also some laboratory tools. This event contains so many fashion stalls, which brands are quiet independent. I was really astonished, seeing so many young people being so creative with their own brands. 
Most of the products were unique, talking about tthe designs... the patterns of the fabrics. They didn't only sell clothes and shoes, and jewelries, they also sold decorations, even stationaries. The prices they offer can be expensive, but there are some affordable prices too. I was disappointed that I didn't bring a lot of money to shop, so I was just looking around. I was completely amazed and hypnotized by all the stalls. It was such a great place to visit, to walk by. 
There was also food corner where people sold food... more like snacks, actually. I bought those cupcakes, one green tea flavor and the other one was red velvet. they tasted really good I mean you could really feel the green tea and red velvet flavors jumping on your tastebuds. There was also Puyo, the pudding jakarta people are talking about. There was also this turkish kebab which was sold and served by the real turkish seller. Pretty interesting. 
There were so many interesting people visiting... they would visit this event with unique clothes and styles. I found it really fascinating. I would love to visit it again, with a lot of money in my bag of course. So far, I am still astonished by the creativity of young Indonesian designers. Keep up the spirit, guys! see you in the next event.

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