Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On Vas Où? Pt.2

Arrived at West Bali National Park on January 3 2016
Okay carry on, we went to the sea area of Bali on January 2 2016. We went snorkeling. It was a full package snorkeling. The payment were including boat transportation, 3 snorkeling spots, lunch, and Menjangan island visit. 

We went to Watu Dodol Port in the morning and sailed away to Bali in the afternoon. I have snorkeled before in West Java, but it was such a bad experience as a accidentally stepped on the coral, and my my foot was bleeding, and I'm actually terrified of blood, so yeah. 

 Thankfully, my friend, Futi, she brought a Go-Pro camera, so we could take pictures under the ocean. We went to the first snorkeling spot I saw so many little fish there, I saw Dory from Finding Nemo, I saw Nemo also. The corals were beautiful. My snorkeling tool was broken though, I couldn't breathe well so I had to hold my breath and breathe on the surface. It was exhausting. After we explored the first spot, we went to Menjangan Island to have lunch and take some rest. Menjangan Island is located in Bali region but separated from Bali island itself. Menjangan actually means Deer. So it was a deer island. The deers were all wild, they haven't been tamed yet, still afraid of men, and they don't like to be approached at all. 

Sadly, when we were about to head to the second spot, the boat broke. Like, the machine wouldn't even turn on, so yeah. We sadly, we only visited 1 snorkeling spot. It was almost sunset when another boat came, so yeah we all headed back home to Banyuwangi.

Hindu Temple in West Bali National Park.
The next day, we sailed again to Bali. But the closer side of Bali; West Bali National Park. Menjangan Island is farther. West Bali National Park isn't a common destination, but we went there though. We wanted to visit Tabuhan Island, but we came late, so we visited West Bali National Park instead. The beach has white sands, the sea is blue, crystal clear, and there is a temple there, which I visited. 

When we arrived at the temple, we were welcomed by the priest who lived there and we were given this red-white-black bracelet, he said that it would protect us. It was really nice actually. I felt so blessed. Like, I have never come into a holy place being welcomed so warmly before. He asked me, whether I was hindu or not, I told him no. But he was all welcoming and friendly. I mean If I had the chance to build a mosque, I would make my mosque the warmest place for people, not only muslims, but general people who are interested in Islam. The temple was beautiful, it smelled really nice, so much flowers, beautiful people. Just perfect. 

The next day, we had to go to Surabaya, so we could catch the train to Bandung 2 days later. It was a 6 hours trip. We arrived in Surabaya at 2 pm, we had lunch in this restaurant that sells Penyetan. Penyetan is actually a traditional food of Surabaya. Suddenly, the whole city life came back again. Surabaya is a big city, as big as Jakarta, bigger than Bandung. There are so many luxurious malls there, and so many delicious food.

I recommend you to try Zangrandi's Vanilla Ice Cream, located in the downtown. It tasted so amazingly, delicious. Zangrandi is a classic ice cream cafe in Surabaya. In Jakarta, it's like Ragusa Italian Ice Cream, in Bandung it's like Rasa Ice Cream nearby Braga Street. 

Another thing that I love in Surabaya is that, everything is cheap. I also had this delicious food it's called Sate Ponorogo. It's a chicken satay but with bigger portion, more delicious sauce, oh so damn delicious!

We only stayed for 2 days in Surabaya. We went back to Bandung by train, another tiring hours at the train. We left to Bandung at around 8 am and arrived in Bandung at 11:30 pm. But I had to wait for a train to Jakarta for 1 and half hour. so at 1 am I went back to Jakarta and arrived there at 5 am. I was so exhausted. I probably looked like shit.

My nails were a mess, my hair was a mess I immediately went to the salon to do a pedicure, I got my hairmask done. It was really tiring. But so far, this was the best trip I've ever experienced. We got the beach, the mountain, the ocean, the city! Great people, great food, great view. What a journey!

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