Monday, January 11, 2016

Too Young

Hello! Honestly, I have been neglecting my blog like I've been neglecting my urge to write. Things have turned so differently. Some endings have failed to be as good as they were expected. Still, I have to be grateful. I wanted to wish you guys a happy new year, but my new year's eve was quite sad, although I was on the beach with my friends, and fireworks, and the sound of the ocean, but still, I felt as lonely and as scared as I was in Saudi Arabia. 

I have dealt with different problems lately, and 2015 has become one year of lessons. I had always thought I was too young for this and that, I wasn't ready to handle my broken heart, or my deep disappointment, my hardwork in vain, and other stuff. I keep myself busy now, so I will be too exhausted at night to be miserable. 

There are questions still unanswered, apologies undone, and wreckage unfixed. 
But time does heal everything.

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