Sunday, February 21, 2016

Death; To Whom It May Concern

A Common Sense that will make you choke:
Death is as normal as birth. Death seems hurt just to make us value our lives.
Imagine if death seems as fun as the theme park, people would suicide by the cause of small problems. People would suicide over small things like not being able to obtain Queen's concert ticket, or losing your cell phone, your crush doesn't text you back, and other things like that. And in fact, we are living and dying at the same time. The more we live, the closer to us to death.
What we can do best is that, we live to make a better living for our surroundings, to be useful. 
It's always you vs. time.  You don't have time, you always think you do have time, but you don't, so count every last of it. You clearly don't have time to mourn about simple things like, you being single, or your friends have better shoes, because clearly, everybody else is fighting against time. Take a look at Syria. Thank God my friend is now a refugee in Amsterdam. But take a very closer look. Take a look at dying penguins, or dying elephants. We're all in a war. Don't be afraid.

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