Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Little Prince (And the Fox)

It was one boring day, I was 12 years old, was still in 6th grade. I was interested in psychology so I started to read this book with the main character who has this psychological case. It was "One Child", in Indonesia you probably know it by the name "Sheila" by Torey Hayden. And this book has this chapter where it told the story of The Little Prince and The Fox; a part of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry's book, Le Petit Prince. 
It didn't mean anything for me back then.

But I met a new friend, her name is Luca from Hungary. She told me that Le Petit Prince was her favorite book so far. And I told her that I knew a part of that book, the chapter that involved a fox. She told me that, If I read it now when I'm nearly twenty, this chapter has different meanings from my conclusion back then when I was 12. 

So I went back home and googled the Little Prince and the Fox chapter and I began to read it again. With farther thoughts and realization, I figured something out about relationship.

There are two kinds of people in a relationship; the tamer and the tamed. Let's say I like a stranger, and I have to get to know him first, make him tame, to make him like me. And when he's tamed, I have to be responsible of him whom I have tamed. People nowadays, they don't know about this. When you have been tamed by someone, you feel like you gave something, a part of you that they could keep. And they have to take care of it, so it won't hurt, so it won't break. Because when it breaks, bad thoughts will dominate. And that's when people fail.

My father said, love would come from intention. Some people said that they couldn't love as much as their partner did. My father told me, in that case, not that they couldn't, but they didn't want to. 

This chapter if you look closely, it doesn't only point at romantic relationship, but also friendship, your relationship with your family, about any kind of relationship. The same thing goes with your relationship with your mom. You have been tamed, and so has she. You guys build something that you call affection, trust, boundaries, and other stuff that you have to take care of.

And for some people, they can't take back what they've given.
And for some people, they keep trying to obtain what they've lost.

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