Sunday, October 30, 2011

The last day of Nylon fashion and art festival

So I went to Nylon fashion and art festival today. It was held in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. It was my first time to see a "direct" fashion show. cause last year i didn't get the chance to go to Jakarta Fashion Week, cause i was, underage.

 I arrived at 2:30 pm. Immediately, I walked into the fourth floor, and when i got there i found the location was empty. And then i found this girl who wore this leopard-patterned legging, and long cardigan with t-shirt tucked in it. she was, unbelievably, stylish. she was talking with the crew, and i confidently joined their conversation.
"Excuse me." I said.
They both looked at me. "Um are those seats for public?" I asked them.
The leopard girl said "Oh yes, that's for public." and the crew added, "but the show hasnt started yet. come back here around 3:30, so you can book a seat."
"Can i book a seat now?" I insisted. i was afraid i wouldn't get the seats doh.
"Unfortunately, no..." she said. she gave me this brochure with the schedules on it.
So eventually, I went downstairs and had a desent drink in starbucks

After spending 30 minutes in that cafe, i finally left. i walked around the mall for another 30 minutes. I saw several arts that were exhibited there.

I also saw these Hip Monkeys statues from kipling. these statues were made by these contestants of Kipling Hip Monkey competition. 

Well at last, I went back to the location. I registered my name there. put my name, e-mail, phone number there. they gave me this Nylon magazine and this goodie bag from make-up store. I took the front seat! yeay! Today, I saw this fashion show by this brand called "CottonInk". The Nylon face-off finalists themselves who brought the collections in such a short, catwalk. 

the models suddenly walked in, ans posed like gorgeous statues on the stage

that one above, was my favorite. 

Well at last, after doing a parade, those models finally posed on the stage again. they were all beautiful. damnnn

Well that's my story for now :)
I had a marvelous day today. I hope i'll get the chance to attend Jakarta Fashion Week this November. Thanks for your time!

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